27 Jokes Only Engineers & Developers Can Enjoy

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engineer jokes

1. This mug.

This mug.

2. This comparison.

This comparison.

3. This visualisation of a developer’s week.

This visualisation of a developer's week.

4. This common relationship problem.

This common relationship problem.

5. This chart.

This chart.

6. Thus line of code.

Thus line of code.

7. This game.

This game.

8. This diagram.

This diagram.

9. This bumper sticker.

This bumper sticker.

10. This response to a Facebook status.

This response to a Facebook status.

11. This photo of Ryan Gosling.

This photo of Ryan Gosling.

12. This method of announcing a birth.

This method of announcing a birth.

13. This cartoon strip.

This cartoon strip.

14. This handy guide.

This handy guide.

15. This warning.

This warning.

16. This common experience.

This common experience.

17. This pie chart.

This pie chart.


18. This tattoo.

This tattoo.

19. This gag.

This gag.

20. And this one.

And this one.

21. And this one.

And this one.

22. And this one.

And this one.

23. If programming languages were exam papers…

If programming languages were exam papers...

24. These eleven stages of a project.

These eleven stages of a project.

25. This definition.

This definition.

26. This eternal conundrum

This eternal conundrum

27. And this heartfelt prayer.

And this heartfelt prayer.



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  1. Thank u so much for having such a nice and entertaing stuff for us. I really enjoy your blog and the way you have describe your content.I also have some amazing and wonderful stuff and i wana to share it with you.

    1. Very funny, alongside my business i also build websites so can relate to these jokes. Thank you for sharing