Here Is The List Of 27 Countries With The Highest Average IQ

We often hear people arguing over who possesses a higher IQ and who does not. We often see little kids who are taking tests to find out their IQ. Those people who go one screaming that they have a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking or Einstein. We do not have a reason to doubt that either the particular kid or the person will turn out to be a genius or not. However, when Stephen Hawking was questioned about what his IQ was, he answered, “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

IQ test is still just a test designed by the people, and it cannot be a measure of any individual’s actual intelligence. Nonetheless, people all over the world take it, and an IQ between 90 to 110 is considered average.

The tests are always adjusted to suit the people of the place where they are being conducted to bring everyone to a comparable level. It is important to remember that most people living in the rural parts of the world have never even received any formal education, and they have never taken any test to find out their IQ. So we cannot compare the people of the world with each other.

But as for those who have been tested, Statistic Brain compiled the most recent and comprehensive list of countries, ranking them by their IQs.

27. Finland (IQ: 97)

26. Czech Republic (IQ: 97)

25. Canada (IQ: 97)

24. United States (IQ: 98)

23. Norway (IQ: 98)

22. Mongolia (IQ: 98)

21. France (IQ: 98)

20. Denmark (IQ: 98)

19. Australia (IQ: 98)

18. Spain (IQ: 99)

17. Poland (IQ: 99)

16. Hungary (IQ: 99)

15. United Kingdom (IQ: 100)

14. New Zealand (IQ: 100)

13. China (IQ: 100)

12. Belgium (IQ: 100)

11. Switzerland (IQ: 101)

10. Sweden (IQ: 101)

9. Netherlands (IQ: 102)

8. Italy (IQ: 102)

7. Germany (IQ: 102)

6. Austria (IQ: 102)

5. Singapore (IQ: 103)

4. Taiwan (IQ: 104)

3. Japan (IQ: 105)

2. South Korea (IQ: 106)

1. Hong Kong (IQ: 107)

Not a country, but it was tested separately, so it is included in the listing.What is the IQ of your country? Share with us in the comments’ section below.

Images: Statistic Brain

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