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25 Wall Decoration Ideas For Your Home

When building a home, there are some obvious steps one must take. Finding a house, furniture, wall colors, filling the kitchen, etc. etc. But most of the time, what a lot of people forget is to decorate the walls. The walls of a home hold the personality of the space, and can turn a boring and bland colorless slate into something amazing and remarkable. Walls are the first thing you see and are the basic unit of every house. Nobody likes large blank dull and lifeless walls, to give them a life one must put something on them.

THERE’S A SAYING in the designing world that every wall is a blank canvas. But if your walls just a little too blank and dull lately, take heart and time out and decorate them. Add personality to any room by giving the walls some character of their own.

Don’t be discouraged— a big, dull windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for you to apply creative ideas and infuse the walls with some life, warmth and style by decorating them. There are a million ways to decorate a wall i.e. Lean a big mirror, hang family photographs, put amazing paintings or construct book shelves.

Following are 25 ideas for you to decorate your walls and make them amazing