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25 Space Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

Bedroom storage is something that there never seems enough. Books, collectibles and clothes are another. If you get it right, clever storage can kill two birds with one stone -eliminating the visual chaos that can easily clutter your bedroom.

Small rooms can easily look cluttered and cramped. If you are dealing with a common small-room problem — a bedroom scarcely large enough for a bed, look no further than the following list of clever space-saving solutions for your haven. It’s possible to maximize the space in even the tiniest of rooms by making use of walls and corners you never thought about utilizing. Discover how to make the most of your space in a room with the design tips below.

Avoid dark wood in small rooms as it will make the space feel and look tiny. Opting for white or cream shades that are clean and classic gives light, airy and spacious feel to the room.

Limit your use of color. Try to choose light colors as they will expand your room. Keeping a simple color palette ensures that your small bedroom will remain calming and peaceful.

Limit your use of accessories: Don’t stuff your room full of Knick knacks as it will make the space feel heavy and cluttered. Choose a few simple and classic pieces that will give a neat yet beautiful look.

Shelf-Turned-Bedside Table: To save floor space in your room and create a sense of airiness and lightness in a bedroom and instead of a nightstand use a bracketed shelf.

Clever storage solutions: Since many of us have a large collection of books, clothes, jewelry, decor and coats, it’s often challenging to keep all in line. That’s where shelves, clothes hangers and wall hooks come in handy; these inexpensive pieces can be lifesavers for your rooms.

Big baskets: Even a basket can cure the problems of a small room to a good extent. Looking for an attractive storage solution, a single basket can store a wide and endless variety of your things. With well labeled or clear plastic storage boxes stacked on a shelf; even the most filled rooms can be transformed into an organized heaven.

Drawers under the bed : Use the space under your bed sensibly by making bed drawers where you can tuck away your stuff that tends to consume space of your room .

Have a look on the following fantastic space saving ideas for your bedroom and let us know which one is your favourite

Design idea credits: DIY Cozy Home