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People In India Are Taking Their Water Tank Designs To The Next Level

Welcome to state of Punjab in India that is quite well known for its vibrant, rich culture with great food, amazing music and dance. However, it has another amazing feature that isn’t too well known but is quite mesmerizing. It is home to some of the most prodigal water tanks in the world.

The structures made of concrete in this state are used by people for storing water on the roofs of their homes and are never boring or ordinary. The tanks are, in fact, designed in a multitude of unlikely shapes and sizes, based upon people’s interests and experiences. You will find water tanks modeled after army tanks, birds, animals, ships, humans and airplanes.

This trend has spread across the state and is followed by rich and poor alike. In fact, residents actually spend more in attempts to make their water tank stand out in the neighborhood. Ranjot Makkar, resident of the village of Dugri said, “My son was in the Army and was very passionate about it. When he joined the Army I got a water tank made in the form of an Army tank to encourage him. Whenever he visits us, he is reminded of his induction into the forces and the joy that came with it.”

When residents get new water tanks, they don’t just discard the old ones but rather make use of them for rainwater harvesting. This means they are well equipped with water to use during dry summer months. Pretty cool, isn’t it?