25 People Sharing Awkward Technology Fail Moments

technology fails 3

People adopt technology in various ways. Here we have some people who decided to adopt technology in their own way and ended up giving us a laughter to made the day. Sit back and enjoy these 25 awkward technology fail moments.
Awkward Technology Moments 1 Awkward Technology Moments 2 Awkward Technology Moments 3 Awkward Technology Moments doing-it-wrong-camera-backwards doing-it-wrong-headrest-tv doing-it-wrong-ipad-doorstop doing-it-wrong-ipad-tape-player doing-it-wrong-laptop-rain doing-it-wrong-listening-rock doing-it-wrong-onion-ipad doing-it-wrong-scan-laptop doing-it-wrong-tennis-wii doing-it-wrong-turn-phone-on doing-it-wrong-vacuum doing-it-wrong-whiteout-computer nerd army Technology fail technology fails 1 technology fails 2 technology fails 3 technology fails 4 technology fails 5 technology fails gif technology fails

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