25 Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

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Gone are the days when a kitchen was merely considered as a simple room with a stove, sink and icebox, the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee and whistling sound of pressure cookers politely closed off from the formal living room. Fast forward to today, kitchen is glorified as the main family rebonding area and entertainment center to fulfill our never ending munching desires along with modern appliances, gorgeous finishes, granite counter tops, elegant cabinets, walk-in pantries and meal-planning desks and usually homey backyard views. A kitchen is the hub of the home-a room with all the action and is always on the move. It’s not just a room where food is prepared and cooked — it’s also used for storing gadgets, entertaining guests, and eating family meals.So it is important to design a kitchen which accommodates all your activities, that is why kitchen remodels are becoming more popular than ever before.

A kitchen is much more than a set of cabinets, shelves and doors – it’s considered as the heart of your home. So one should always dream big, whether it’s ceiling to floor, counter tops or cabinets. A kitchen is a room that should reflect your lifestyle perfectly.

A perfect kitchen is the one which doesn’t  let you’re  eye to stutter in a small space. Your eye  and hand should move naturally from one thing to the other without any reluctance.

Following are some important kitchen elements to be considered while designing it


Color makes a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Your color choices will greatly affect your kitchen design and will allow you to follow a color scheme that improves your room’s overall appearance.  Colors have the power to greatly impact the space of the kitchen. Light and cooler colors will make the kitchen look spacious, airy and bigger while darker and warmer colors  will make your kitchen look smaller and congested.

 Counter tops

The kitchen counter tops are near to eye level and will always occupy maximum portion of your visual space. One should always select a color of the cabinets that complements and coordinates with the countertop color. Darker shade counter tops will make your life much easier as it will not show the oil sprinkles and smudges that seem to be very friendly with the shelves.


Kitchen cabinets usually take up half of your budget and occupy almost 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. The basic purpose of the cabinets is to store food items and beverages and should be easily approachable to everyone working in the kitchen. The cabinets should be safe, accommodating and provide maximum storage space.


Lighting is an extremely significant aspect to be considered while designing a kitchen. A proper lighting creates an ambiance and sets the mood for work. The position of the sun can even greatly affect your kitchen in many ways, place windows to take advantage of natural sunlight to add energy and refreshing environment.

Work triangle concept

The work triangle is a significant design principle that improves the functionality of the kitchen by reducing walking distance between the refrigerator, sink and cooking stove. For safety and comfort, each stretch of the triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet and sum of the three distances should be approximately 26 feet .The kitchen will run efficiently when these three elements are in close proximity to one other.

Following are some marvelous kitchen design ideas that will inspire you to design or redesign your own kitchen

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