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25 Cool Things For Under $25

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Not everything cool and interesting has to be expensive. Some of the most fun things can be bought for close to nothing. Here are 25 cool products that you can get today!

25. Venus Flytrap

This carnivorous plant is a great way to get rid of pestering insects in your home or workplace. The only thing to make sure is that the plant gets plenty of sunlight (an obvious yet commonly overlooked factor). Among other carnivorous plants, this is the cheapest and most effective, besides looking amazing as well. You can get one here

24. Taste Bud Altering Tablets

The Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets completely alter your taste buds and give you an amazing new experience by trying ordinary everyday foods. Lemons taste sweet, oranges taste sweeter and other fruits taste like they have been freshly picked from the best kept garden. A pack containing 10 tablets (20 servings) can be bought here.

23. Slow Cooker

The Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker is made for those of you who have the time and want to make a meal that your friends and family will remember. The 4 quart container means you can easily cook enough for your family. Just put the ingredients in and leave it overnight. With the tight lid there’s no worry of spillage either. The slow cooker can be bought here

22. Cards Against Humanity

For those of you with hilariously twisted minds, you and your friends can enjoy hours of fun (and endless laughter) with this simple card game. In each round a player asks a question from a black card and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. The starter kit costs $10 while the complete set is $25. You can get one here

21. Donate An Animal To The Needy

The people at Heifer International have created a campaign allowing people to donate animals to people who need it most. Their website has lots of different options that allow people to donate whatever animal they want. This is one gift that makes you, the person whose name you make the donation in and the needy happy. For $20 you can send a flock of geese, chicken or ducks among many other options.

20. Cast-Iron Skillet

The Lodge cast-iron skillet has a 10.25-inch diameter and allows you to make the most delicious pancakes, omelettes, bacon and many more dishes using a stove, oven or even campfire. The skillet is easy to clean and corrosion and scratch resistant. You can get one here

19. Long-Lasting Bacon

Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon is the bacon that lasts for over 10 years. This is a great item for campers, hikers, survivalists and even those in the military. A 9 0z. can contains 18 servings (where 1 serving is 3 slices of bacon) and costs $19.99. Stock up on Tac Bac here.

18. Mug Warmer

Cold coffee is about as useful as a wet bag of cement when it comes to starting your day. The Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer keeps your cup of morning cheer at the optimal temperature as long as you want. The mug warmer has an on/off switch, an indicator light and a long cord, allowing for use anywhere in the house or office. You can get one here

17. Dogecoin

The Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that brings people of the community together. According to one user, “It’s the entry-level cryptocoin, could be worth more if it ‘goes to the moon’ and will get you involved in a fun community.” To find out more click here.

16. T-Shirt

A t-shirt is a clothing staple nowadays, and the ones from Once Upon a Tee are plain amazing. With a cost of $12 per shirt, you can choose from a wide variety of creative designs. The t-shirts are available for both men and women and the quality is excellent. You can buy one here.

15. Subscription To Loot Crate

It doesn’t sound that amazing but subscribing to Loot Crate is one thing every comic book/anime/manga/gamer geek should do. For $13.37 a month you get a crate of 6 to 8 handpicked items from your favorite franchises, membership to an actively growing community and a chance to win the Mega Crate worth over $250. Check out the website and subscribe.

14. Diamond Candles

The candles cost $24.95 and come in a variety of soothing aromas. The unique part about Diamond Candles is, as the name suggests, the presence of a ring inside the candle. The ring inside can be worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000. The excitement of the surprise inside the candle alone is worth the cost. Buy one here.

13. Rainbow Starburst Glasses

These diffraction glasses give you a new perspective in light and color. Wherever there is a white light, you will see a burst of rainbows and the colors change depending on the source of light. Be amazed at firework displays or simply enjoy the rainbow bursts at homes. You can buy 20 pairs for $9.05 here

12. LifeStraw

Since 2005 the LifeStraw has been used by millions to drink from any water source. One straw can filter up to 1000 liters of water that is free from chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. The LifeStraw removes over 99% of waterborne bacteria and parasites and surpasses EPA standards for water filter. You can get one here

11. Vibrating Scalp Massager

The Octopus-Shaped Trembling Vibrating Motorized Head Scalp Massager is a great way to relax after a long hard day. This massager is a great gift for the stress-addled person in your life. You can get one here

10. Sport Solar Charging Kit

The Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit is a battery and solar charger for your phone while you’re on the go. The solar charger connects to your smartphone via USB and has a long lasting 1350 mAh battery that will last you for over 3 hours. A green solution for the active geek, you can buy one here

9. Battery-Powered Pepper Grinder

This motorized pepper grinder turns on whenever you turn it over and provides you with freshly ground pepper every time. The grinder has a fun a practical design and even lets you set the level of grinding you desire. An amazing piece to have on the table when you have guests for dinner. Buy it here

8. Rock-It 3.0

The Rock-It device turns virtually any surface into a speaker for your music. By transforming the music from your device into a sequence of vibrations, Rock-It makes anything a speaker. Works with any device with a 3.5mm jack and gives best results with hollow objects. You can buy one here

7. Bubble Calendar

We all love popping bubble wrap. There are fewer things in life that are as simple and satisfying. The bubble calendar allows you this satisfaction every day for the whole year. A poster sized calendar with each day marked by a bubble that you can pop. Weekends are marked in bold for easy reference. You can get one here

6. OBD2 Wireless Scanner

This device connects to your Android device via Bluetooth and gives you information about your codes. It even gives you codes for generic and manufacturer-specific problems and you can check the codes online to find out what they are and how to fix them yourself. A great device to bring out your inner-mechanic, it can be bought here for $13.99.

5. R/C Helicopter

A fun gadget that will bring out your inner child and ensure hours of fun. With a range of 30 feet and two selectable frequencies which allow you to fly two helicopters at once, the joy of this item is greater than the price tag. The remote includes three levels of control and a charging and power indicator. You can get one here

4. Kinetic Sand

This sand looks like you could have brought it home from the beach, but in reality it allows you to make the ultimate sand castles with far less effort. The kinetic sand is held together by a secret adhesive which doesn’t let the sand drift away and gives it enough malleability to make simple structures that can stand on their own. A small 1 kg bag costs $15 and can be bought here

3. Noise Isolating Earphones

For the music lovers out there, these headphones are the best bargain you can ever find. With amazing sound quality that gives you clear sound with enhanced bass and clear midrange tones, these earphones are a steal at just $6.12. The break-proof fabric covered cord, smooth design and amazing sound quality are more than one could expect from such a low-priced set. You can buy them here.

2. Blowgun

The Predator Blowgun is a blow dart gun that will provide you hours of entertainment. A modern take on a classic weapon, this 36-inch two-piece .40 caliber blowgun is one way to annoy your friends (as long as you don’t aim for their eyes). The blowgun can be bought here

1. Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to the original and most useful of all gadgets, there are few that can beat the Swiss Army Knife. Available with a wide variety of implements, each of which has more than one use, this handy tool is something everyone and anyone can find handy in their everyday lives. You can buy a set which includes The Classic Swiss Army Knife and The Tinker here

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