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25 Bathroom Design Ideas In Pictures

Bathroom is the place that we use every single day, so their significance is far more than we give it credit for. From bold and cheery to elegant and sophisticated, today’s bathrooms have gone beyond the limits of space long ago. Even though it is the smallest room in a house but having a luxurious bathroom shouldn’t be an afterthought; after all, designing a bathroom is one of the most worthy home investments you can make. It might not be easy and cheap, designing this small space can be tricky at times but updating it by adding a new bathtub, sink, walk-in shower — will totally change the overall outlook quality and comfort of your bathroom. But  it’s a fact that beauty lies in the details -straight edges, soothing colors, sleek finishes,  and a variety of natural materials like stone and marbles all work together to create the perfect bathroom style. The most popular trend in bathrooms according to architects is soft and subtle tones enhanced by a textured feature wall or floor.

Below is a list of bathroom design essentials. It’s not merely about basins and toilets, but other practical things which are often overlooked yet necessary for it to function properly.

 Soothing Color Palette

Modern baths often contains tons of white, off-white, grey and tan creating a calm and soothing feel in a bathroom. If the bathroom has a large space then you can go for bold and bright colors. Girls usually prefer pinks and reds while blues and greys are preferred by boys. When space is limited, paint the walls in a brilliant white hue to reflect light around the room. White scheme enhances the sense of space and adds brightness and freshness in the room.


Tiles often take most of the attention and budget in a modern bath. Due to the design-conscious surroundings, there is no as such standard size or color for tiles. In an all-white bathroom by tiling the focal wall behind the vanity one can add personality, interest and color to an otherwise dull and unadorned bathroom.  By the use of continuing horizontal lines or oversized tiles, one can make very effectively a smaller bathroom appear much larger. For hiding the dust and dirt try to look for tiles that are and matt in finish, and of neutral color, neither too dark nor too light.


Bathroom is a ‘wet area’ so try to avoid foggy mirrors, haziness and dampness. All wet areas need ventilation and cross ventilation is the best way to avoid fog. If your bathroom doesn’t have access to good ventilation, consider a roof window, ventilated skylight or an exhaust fan. Make sure your windows are not closed off completely.

 Loads of storage

A modern bathroom, more than ever, need a lot of storage space and one needs to spruce up the bathroom to bring in a fresh look and functionality. Since space is always needed and if you are addicted to toiletries then cabinets and shelves are must for storing them. Consider your sink as a workplace for getting ready and you will see the stuff you need for it. A vanity with plenty of drawers and cabinets, floating shelves that slide under the sink is an efficient use of space. Make the most of your nooks and walls, it’s the best way to find space where you didn’t even realize you had it.

 Mirror Mirror on the wall

A good quality mirror is a must in modern bathroom. Don’t settle for basic rectangle or square mirrors sold in the bath department — go beyond the standard options with a stylish and decorative mirrors. Over-sized and well placed mirrors can almost double the feeling of space. To avoid deterioration around the edges, make sure the mirror is well sealed on the back


In bathroom, natural light should be considered seriously as it is so much brighter, lighter and cheaper than electric lighting. Try to put maximum lights as bright bathrooms are pleasant, inviting and warmer in feel. If you are not able to catch good natural light, use up electric lights to bounce light off the ceilings and walls that gives a roomy and spacious look.

Following are 25 fabulous bath room design ideas for your home. Check them out and be inspired.

Design credits: Homedesign.com