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25 Inspiring Porch Design Ideas For Your Home

In olden times, a porch was considered as the living room of the house. A perfect social spot-a place where you relax , have tea in the evenings, cool off in summer days, have chit chats with neighbors ,watch your kids as they played in the front yard and hear their giggles .In a porch, a cane swing or glasses of cool lemonade symbolized a care free simple life of people but as houses got bigger and technologies like air-conditions evolved, families started heading indoor and began taking their activities inside. Here’s good news for you all, thankfully today it is making an amazing comeback as people look to revive those relaxing and fun filled olden days with front yards and porches.

A front porch is of immense importance as anyone coming to your house will examine your style and personality first through the decoration of your porch, so it should be like an extension of your home’s interior. It should reflect your lifestyle perfectly and if you believe in first impression is the last one then just go beyond the usual traditional porch designs and try a new chic one that makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Basically a porch is place of relaxation, simplicity and taking time to live and be happy outside the house so be sure that it is reflected ideally in your furnishings and decor. There are no formal rules and principles of decorating a porch to reflect your lifestyle. But before designing a front porch, proper planning is required and a touch of inspiration, make sure how you would use the space, follow which style and what’s the total budget. Create a place for chatting with friends and neighbors by putting chairs or a comfortable sofa or an afternoon nap spot by hanging a swing, day-bed or a simple rocking chair. Put a lot of potted plants and flowers, beautiful wall hangings, colorful cushions and a beautiful rug to make a superb living space. Don’t forget that you are outside so make sure you use versatile weatherproof materials and pieces overall.

Following are some wonderful ideas of designing a porch. So get ready to kickback, enjoy and relax by perfecting your porch.