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24 Unusual Inventions that Make Life Easier For Real

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Here’s a list of 24 unusual inventions that you didn’t know exist but make life easier. Let us know your favorite invention in comments below.

24. Leftover Vegetable/Fruit Seal

23. Zipper Sneakers

22. Meat Scanner

21. Ice Cream Lock

20. Laser Bike Lane

19. Umbrella with a Cupholder

18. Lockable Mug

17. Word Search Wrapping Paper

16. Spaghetti Fork

15. Nightlight with Portable Glowing Orbs

14. Lego Key Holder

13. Scooter Stroller

12. Ironing Board Mirror

11. Citrus Spritzer

10. Faucet Thermometer

9. Rotating Bench That Guarantees a Dry Place to Sit

8. Onion Holder

7. Pizza Scissors

6. Drivemotion LED Car Sign

5. Mirror Wiper

4. Fence Window

3. Toothpaste Squeezer

2. Easy-to-pack Shoes

1. Hourglass Traffic Lights

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