24 Gadgets Every Food Loving Person Should Have


We all have read lists about cool gadgets and must have gadgets. However, none of them focused on food lovers and we thought, hey, why not! So here we are with a list of twenty four items which we believe qualify to be in a food lover’s collection. While some of them may seem unnecessary, rest assured, they are fun to use anyhow! Enjoy the List!

24. Pretzel pool float

24. Pretzel pool floatAh, take my money!  This will cost you $24 and well it looks yummy and relaxing and you can always take a drink along.
You can get it here

23. Pineapple Corer

23. Pineapple CorerDo we need say anything?! Oh yeah; do come up with creative ideas for the shell. This gadget costs $6.
You can get it here

22. Milk Moo Head

22. Milk Moo HeadNever spill milk again while adding a bit of a cow touch to your bottle of milk! This will cost you $12.

21. Banana Slicer

21. Banana SlicerIts banana killing time and that too with style; license to kill will cost you $10.
You can get it here

20. Nibble Coaster

20. Nibble CoasterThis will allow you to literally nibble at something while you enjoy your drink. It will cost you $18.

You can get it here

19. Chihuahua Taco Holder

19. Chihuahua Taco HolderIt’s cute and handy and a must have if you’re a taco fan! The holder costs $28.

18. Organ Chocolates

18. Organ ChocolatesKnow a doctor? Send him/her his box of anatomically correct organ chocolates. It will cost you $31.

17. Roll n Pour

17. Roll n PourThis solves a lot of problems. It always is a mess if you try pouring out of a big bottle but this ingenious innovation takes care of that and that too for a price of $15. You can get yours here

16. Spaghetti fork

16. Spaghetti forkIt twirls and assists you while you’re having your spaghetti. The gadget costs $14.
You can get yours here

15. Traveler’s Snack Bowl

15. Traveler’s Snack BowlBrilliant! Now you can have snacks while you’re traveling without getting awkward and worried about them falling. The bowl costs $25.

14. Vegetable Chopper

14. Vegetable ChopperThere are a number of models out here but this one is a must have because of its efficiency and transparency. This will cost you around $47. You can get yours here

13. Avocado Keeper

13. Avocado KeeperThe design is simple and elegant while rendering itself useful. Keep your avocado and carry them around with ease. This costs $7.
You can get one here

12. Herb Keeper

12. Herb KeeperNow this is pretty cool actually and can be used in so many different ways. It will cost you $21.
You can get yours here

11. Rings

11. RingsThese are peanut butter and Jelly rings which are only for those who appreciate these heavenly eatables. These will cost you $15.

10. Flavor Infuser

10. Flavor InfuserThis is a water bottle which can impart flavors to your water and well we want this so bad. This item will cost you $15.
You can get one here

9. Toothpick Holder

9. Toothpick HolderIt’s cute, handy and simple. What more do you need? It will cost you $25.
You can get one here

8. Hot Dog Toaster

8. Hot Dog ToasterFor the love of Hot Dogs you must purchase this at a price of $18.
You can get one here

7. Egg Molds

7. Egg MoldsBe the super parent with these egg molds and surprise your kids with a new shaped egg every day. This costs around $4-7.
You can get one here

6. Popcorn Popper

6. Popcorn PopperOnce you’ve seen it, your movie nigh will never be complete without it. It is an elegant and neat machine to make use of and that too at a price of $19. You can get one here

5. Butter Cutter

5. Butter CutterA perfect pat of butter can be achieved with this cutter and it’s hard to imagine how we have managed to live without it for so long. It costs $15. You can get one here

4. Microwave Omelet Cooker

4. Microwave Omelet CookerNo longer do you need a stove to cook an omelet for you. Just by this awesome gadget at a price of $15 and make your omelets in microwave with ease and comfort. You can get one here

3. Unicorn Seasoning Shaker

3. Unicorn Seasoning ShakerYour children will absolutely love this. This will cost you $14.
You can get one here

2. Sriracha Water Bottle

2. Sriracha Water BottleThis is perfect if you don’t like sharing your water bottle. It will cost you $8.
You can get one here

1. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

1. Breakfast Sandwich MakerA must, must, have for all those who want a proper sandwich in their breakfast. It will cost you around $23.
You can get one here

This sums up our list. Want to add any gadget here that you found to be useful? Leave a comment!

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    I’ll never give up on useful, creative tools like these!

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