20 Weird Natural Phenomena That Will Blow You Away

weird things nature

Nature is the ultimate designer of things and we come across rare phenomenon that baffle and confound us because of their apparent anomalies like actual fishes raining on land and animals showing affection in times of crisis. Here, we have compiled a list of 20 weird natural occurrences and phenomenon that will blow your mind away. So, here are they:

1. Blue Lava

weird things nature20

This Lava bursts onto land at such high temperatures and speed that it immediately becomes blue after coming in contact with atmosphere.

2. Volcanic Lightning

weird things nature19

This hellish electrical cum lava storm is released during a volcanic explosion after which the air becomes charged and generates static and electrical charges.

3. Green Flash

weird things nature18

Once in a blue moon event, you can see a Green sun during Sunset or Sunrise if the conditions are right.

4. Long Range Waves

weird things nature17

This wave can travel up to 500 miles before hitting the shores. It is originated from the junction of Amazon River and Atlantic Ocean.

5. Monarch Butterfly Migration

weird things nature16

Butterflies migrate in extremely huge swarms in both USA and Mexico. Perhaps to get away from humans!

6. Blossoming Deserts

weird things nature15

After very heavy rains, some deserts in Chile Sprout a large number of beautiful brightly colored flowers.

7. Everlasting Storms

weird things nature14

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela can face storms for up to 160 days in a single stretch.

8. Mass Bird Migration

weird things nature13

The Limited light of the Denmark is dimmed by the mass exodus of the Starling birds from Northern Europe. It is a beautiful sight to see.

9. Huge Steam Towers

weird things nature12

These huge towers of steam from fumaroles create an amazing view for us to see.

10. Millions of Crab Migrate to the Sea

weird things nature11

On a certain Christmas Island, about 120 million red crabs migrate to the ocean from nearby lands. A nice sight to see, but don’t get too close to them.

11. White Rainbows

weird things nature10

You must have seen this once at least. White rainbows are often formed by arched fog.

12. Hair Ice

weird things nature9

Hair shaped ice is formed in freezing weather when water evaporating from the plants freezes just like this.

13. Floral Ice Forms

weird things nature8

These Frozen flowers as people call them are formed due to the difference between the ocean and atmospheric temperature.

14. Rainbow trees

weird things nature7

Yes, these are real. An Australian variety of the Eucalyptus is known for its amazingly colored tree trunks!

15. Danxia Colored Landforms

weird things nature6

These colorful land dunes and hills are found in China are simply stunning and worth a visit.

16. Calcifying Lake

weird things nature5

In Lake Natron, animals  become calcified and their corpses become part of the horror lake.

17. Underwater Crop Circles

weird things nature4

These amazing rounded shapes ar created by pufferfish in Japan in their intriguing mating ritual.

18. Bleeding Glaciers

weird things nature3

Iron Oxide from the ground gives the feeling of blood in the frozen continent of Antarctica.

19. Living Rocks

weird things nature2

These sea creatures are just like rocks and even completely immobile. They can be found in Chile.

20. Lenticular cloud forms

weird things nature

These UFO-shaped clouds are a common sight in gigantic lonely mountains.


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