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20 Things That you Didn’t Know Google was Capable of


There are many posts that revolve around the well-known search tips and hacks related to Google search, but we decided to cover some less famous tips and hacks by the search engine giant. So here we are with 20 amazing tricks and things you didn’t know you can do with Google.

20. Take it for a Spin

Searching for ‘do a barrel roll’ or ‘Z or R twice’ will result in the spinning of page.

19. How About Tilting?

Search for ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ to tilt the page.

18. How to recursively search for recursion

Yeah, you guessed it right, search for ‘recursion’.

17. Google Likes to Play

Search for ‘define anagram’

16. Kill Time

Search for ‘Zerg rush’ and kill some time by fending off ‘O’s’ that eat the page away.

15. Calculating Tip

Search for ‘calculate tip’ in order to calculate tip.

14. Are you a builder?

Are you into building stuff? Go to

13. Special Days

When you search for special days, an automatic reminder is setup so that you don’t miss that particular day.

12. Reader’s Corner

Searching for ‘Books by…’ lists popular books by an author.

11. Musicology

Search for ‘Songs by….’ to get a list of popular songs by any artist.

10. Google Translate

It has a manual feature that allows you to draw symbols and characters.

9. Maths

Search for ‘Graph for (mathematical function) to get the plot.

8. Geometrical Problems

Search for ‘solve circle/triangle/rectangle/…’ to tackle problems related to geometry.

7. That Microphone icon

This allows you to speak your searches. However, try saying ‘make me a sandwich’ and you will have some laughs.

6. The Retro Google

Search for ‘Google in 1998’.

5. Converting Currency

Yeah, you can do this too.

4. Google – The Ever Wise

Search for ‘the answer to life, the universe and everything.’

3. Cities and Travel Time

You can find out the distance between cities and the travel time.

2. Time it

You can set a timer.

1. Atari

Search for ‘Atari Breakout.’