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20 Pictures That Prove The Extremity Of Winters Around The World

Winter is here, and temperatures are plummeting. We are witnessing snowfalls and sprawling of ice all over the land. While winter is magical, it can be the source of the wrath of Mother Nature. We have put together 20 photos that will show you just how fierce the winter can be!

At times, winter will be so harsh that any part of your exposed skin will frost. We suggest a dose of a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup to help you with the defrosting of your eyelashes.

What happens when hot water comes in contact with the cold air? A mesmerizing display of spontaneous snow growth in every direction. This particular ice show can only be seen during the coldest of the winter days.

This particular ice sheet is the result of a freezing rain event. The replica of the truck seems to have been left behind as a testament to what happened here.

Can you see the American Eskimo Dog rolling around in the snow?

This is not photoshop. An actual waterfall has frozen thanks to the cold temperatures!

Did you know that your car is capable of growing spikes on its hubcaps thus keeping the would-be attackers at bay?

Did you know that during a single snow event, billions of snowflakes can fall down from the sky? They can make paint quite a picture against the night sky. However, when you look at one closely; you will realize just how intricate it is.

This guy didn’t opt for making a snowman or an igloo. Rather, he decided to create the world’s first snow fruit roll-up.

Mother Nature wants to play the game of guess the color of the signal!

During a snowstorm, ice sculptures are formed next to the edge of the roof. These cascading sculptures look amazing!

Heavy snowfall can easily block roads and create trouble for the traffic. This city worker has used some of the snow to create roadblocks!

Snowman can quickly become a slump of ice as the temperature changes from 32°F to 33°F.

Porcupines are cool but what happens when you fuse your car with a porcupine? Check out the image to understand what we are trying to say!

Here’s a scene; you open the door and get smacked in the face with the cold. What’s your first reaction? Exactly! It is similar to what these ducks do!

This looks like the picture of storm-struck Bearing Sea, right? Wrong! It is a frozen street that has been windblown – you won’t be needing a boat for crossing this terrain.

Such scenes are quite common. The snow remembers and keeps track of what happens on it – unless it snows again and your tracks are covered!

Snow-blowers can move several feet of snow without breaking a sweat – thank heavens for them!

So what happened here? The person opened the truck, and the snow remained in place.

This is what happens when you don’t shovel the sidewalk!

Go outside and have fun just doesn’t work during winter unless you are okay with a frozen hat and scarf!