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20 Life Saving Hacks Which You Would Want To Try Right Now

Hacks are tips that can change your life by making it easier for you. We have compiled below 20 interesting hacks that you will love to use every now and then.

20. Use binder clips to organize your cords or wires

Binder clips are amazing in organizing  your cords and wires. You do not need to buy any fascinating gizmos for organizing your stuff when you can use binder clips.

19. Don’t hurt your fingers anymore

The stapler pin remover easily opens key rings and you can insert your keys in it without hurting your fingers.

18. Wrap up your headphones with great ease

Make a loop from your headphones to wrap it in an awesome way.

17. Want your cookies to remain soft and fresh?

Maintain the freshness and softness of your cookies by putting a slice of bread in the cookie container.

16. Enjoy every single bit of your sandwich

Fill every corner of your sandwich by following the illustration and enjoy the yummy snack.

15. Opening up the knots with much ease

Do you often face a problem while untying tight knots? Remember not to pull the knots, rather try to twist the ends as much as you can until the knot opens.

14. Reheat the over night pizza without making it chewy

Put a glass of water along with your pizza in the microwave oven. The water will prevent it from becoming chewy.

13. Cereal container can is a great car dustbin

The cereal containers can be used as trash cans for your car. Isn’t it a cheap way to keep your car tidy?

12. Pen springs are your wire savior

Use a spring of your spare pen on your charger wires, this will help your wires from breaking up.

11. Give your cracked phone back a new look

 Use colorful highlighters on the broken edges of your phone’s back. The trick would make it look awesome.

10. Freshen up your house

Boil orange peels and cinnamon to give your house a new fragrance and feel the magic in the environment.

09. Label your identical keys in an innovative way

Just apply some nail polish on the identical keys so that they don’t mix up ever again.

08. Straightener can also iron up your collars

For the lazy bums around, you can iron your collars with a hair straightener as well. Isn’t it truly a life-saving hack?

07. Rolling up your clothes will make more storage space

When packing up your clothes, prefer rolling them because this maximizes the storage space.

06. Put your cleaning supplies in a shoe rack

Use a shoe rack to store cleaning supplies and free up some space. The best part is that they will be out of the reach of children.

05. Finding your tiny little jewels is no more a problem

Wrap up a sock on the vacuum tube to make it suck your tiny little stuff, which is hard to find otherwise.

04. A bowl will be an awesome amplifier for your iphone

 This is the easiest way to amplify your iPhone’s sound.

03. No more tangled wires

Toilet paper tubes are best for managing the tangled wires and cords.

02. Toothpaste cleans up hazy car headlights.

Toothpaste helps you in cleaning up your car headlights. After all, it is chemical free and cheaper too.

01. Wrap up your CDs the way you want


You don’t need to waste money on buying CD covers; just wrap them up in a paper using this technique.