20 Life Saving Hacks That Can Make Your Life Easy

life saving hacks (3)

Life is not a bed of roses, but an attempt at shortcuts makes it more easy. So you need to know these hacks because they can simplify your daily routine. Check these out and let us know your favourite life hack.

20. No cutting, just flossing

life saving hacks (3)

You do not need to buy a coated knife for cutting cakes and knives, All you need is a unscented dental floss.

19. Recycle your old soaps and save themlife saving hacks (1)

You do not need to throw the old sliver of soap, just melt it and attach it with the new one and they are all set to use.

18. Prepare a mug of brownie in less than 2 minutes

life saving hacks (4)

Follow the illustration and your mug of brownie will be ready to please you.

17. No more drinking watered down wine

life saving hacks (2)

Add frozen grapes in your wine instead of ice cubes. You’ll love it; it won’t get watered down.

16. Re-heat the last night pizza without making it chewy

life saving hacks (8)

To warm up last night pizza without making it chewy, heat it with a glass of water in a microwave.

15. Condiments trays are for many uses

life saving hacks (8)

You can use the condiment trays for serving the sauces. This will reduce your work as you will not have to wash dishes and it will also look more creative.

14. Hammering nails without hurting your finger

life saving hacks (9)

Use a cloth pin to save your finger from getting stubbed.

13. Assemble your cords and wires

life saving hacks (6)

Make your bread clips useful for yourself by attaching them with cords and labeling them with a marker.

12. Pile up your clothes in a better way

fold and organize tshirts

Try to pile up your clothes horizontally because this will not create mess when you pull out your shirt.

11. Detect your little jewels

life saving hacks (7)

Tying a stocking or a lady hose on the vacuum tube will help you in finding your tiny  jewelry from places which are hard to reach.

10. Can opener makes blister openings effortless


Using a can opener for blister openings always gives great results.

09. If you often forget who borrowed what, this hack is for you

life saving hacks (2)

This is quite weird but helpful, rather it will make you feel proficient.

08. Get rid of tangled wires

life saving hacks (10)

Hair clips not only assemble your hair but also the tangled wires.

07. Cats and their love for boxes

life saving hacks (5)

Free up some work space by keeping a spare box on your table. Your cat will love to be inside it.

06. Enjoy biscuits without messing your hands

life saving hacks (4)

Use a folk to dunk your biscuits in milk. This won’t make your hands dirty and sticky.

05. How to prevent boiling over

life saving hacks (3)

You can do any of your work without  tension of boil-overs because this amazing hack will solve your problem.

04. Get yourself a brilliant egg yolk separator

life saving hacks (1)

If you have mastered egg separation, it is too good for you but this fabulous hack is for those who can’t. Use a plastic bottle e.g a mineral water bottle helps you in separating egg yolk.

03. Fitted Bedsheets are no more difficult to be packed

life saving hacks (7)

This amazing hack will resolve your difficulty in packing fitted bedsheets.

02. Fill a container through sink in an innovative way

life saving hacks (5)

Dust pan not only cleans dirt but also helps in filling the container through sink without any effort.

01. Chips canisters as an uncooked pasta keeper

life saving hacks (9)

You do not need to spend money to buy pasta keepers anymore because chips canisters can be used for the same function as it keeps it dry and fresh.


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