20 Life Hacks That You Wish You Knew Earlier


With our hectic routines, everyday tasks can become tedious and take up a lot of your time. These simple life hacks will save you a lot of time and make your routine much easier.

1. If you can’t find a knife, or are afraid to use one, unscented dental floss is the best way to cut cakes, pastries and other soft food items in a perfect manner.

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2. Finding the end of a tape roll is truly an annoying task and it usually occurs when you are in desperate need of a quick fix. Use paper clips to make it easier to find the ends of tape rolls.

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3. Ladies, you can understand how hard it is to handle all the makeup brushes you have. Instead of cluttering them up in a box or pouch, use a container filled with coffee beans to make them easier to access.

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4. A lot of toothpaste can go wasted with the design of conventional toothpaste tubes. Using a bobby pin, will help you make sure that you get the maximum amount of toothpaste out of the tube.

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5. Making breakfast is truly tiring. You’ve just gotten out of bed and you have to make yourself the most important meal of the day. One easy tip is to use a waffle iron to make hash browns.

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6. Finding a place to hang a bag or purse is rarely easy, and the items are always taking up space. Using shower hooks is a great way to organize them.

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7. Pet food often comes in a hard to store, and even harder to handle bag. Use a pitcher to ensure that it stays fresh and is also easier to handle.

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8. Cleaning your keyboard is difficult, especially when you have to clean the dust from between the keys. A sticky note is a simple solution to effectively clean it.

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9. Cords can easily break when we use them daily. But the spring from a pen is an easy and simple way to reinforce the cord and keep it from getting damaged.

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10. Organizing extra wires and cables is a difficult task, and keeping them from getting tangled is a mission of its own. Using towel or toilet paper tubes is a great way to store wires and cables.

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11. Cutting open a tennis ball and attaching it to the wall will give you a great solution to hold almost anything lying around the house. 

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12. Toilet paper rolls can be turned into little boxes that can be used as seed starter pots or even to hold buttons, coins, pins and other small items.

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13. Use a sanitary napkin pouch to hide your money, either in your purse or at home. No one will think of stealing a bunch of napkins when they see the pouch.

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14. Charging your phone on airplane mode will give you a faster charging time. If you can’t completely disconnect your phone, simply turning off the WiFi will also improve charging time.

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15. When you don’t have enough space to hang clothes in your closet, you can use soda can tabs to give you a little extra space and help layer hangers.

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16. Using a strand of dried spaghetti is a great solution to help light those candles in jars or glass bottles with hard to reach wicks.

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17. If your looking for a way to keep you laptop from overheating without having to spend money on an aftermarket fan, an empty paper egg carton is the best and cheapest solution.

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18. It’s hard to access the food items at the back of the fridge (which usually expire after being forgotten). You can use a simple turn table to make it easier to reach items in your fridge.

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19. The cheap pant hangers from stores can be useful too. Remove the clips and use them as bag clips to keep chips and other bagged food items crisp and fresh.

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20. Most people don’t know that they pay for “vampire charges” when their devices are plugged in but aren’t being used. Use a power strip to plug your devices into and prevent this from happening.

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