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20 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier In These Winters

“Winter is coming” is the famous line from Game of Thrones. However, unfortunately winter is already here for most of us and therefore, we decided to compile this list of life hacks that will allow you to survive the winter with a smile. Check them out and let us know what you think about the list.

20. Heating up home without using extra energy

19. Keep your feet warm with DIY liners

The leftover felt couldn’t have found a better use!

18. Parking outdoors overnight

Park your car in such a way that it faces the direction of the sun and you’ll be thankful the next day!

17. Dryer sheet helps in taming your sticky hair

16. Keep a spare pair of socks in your car’s glove compartment

They sure come in handy if you step into the slush puddle or when you need to put them on your wipers to make sure they are protected from frost or snow.

15. Ceiling fan in reverse

Set it to low speed and have it move clockwise during winter thus allowing for the re-circulation of the warm air trapped near the ceiling.

14. Thaw a frozen lock with a lighter and a key

Frozen lock can be thawed by using a lighter and a key.

13. DIY snow tyres

Use zip-ties between the spokes of tyres of your bike for better traction.

12. Cleaning Ugg boots

Making use of vinegar and salt mixture will cleanse them of salt!

11. Water-proof shoes

Line your regular shoes with plastic bags!

10. Shoveling trick

Non-stick cooking oil sprayed shovel is the super shovel to which ice doesn’t stick!

9. Looking after sweaters

Make use of a razor to help you remove any pills from your sweaters.

8. Use pool noodles to prop your boots up

You’ll have to make sure that you bring them down to the size of your boots to prevent the boots from falling over.

7. Warm up your toilet seat with socks

Socks will keep the toilet seats warm!

6. Utilize your old sweaters to make mittens

Mittens are the word for winter!

5. Hot chocolate for the entire family

Hot chocolate always wins! You can use a slow cooker for making hot chocolate.

4. Insulating windows

Insulate the windows using bubble wrap to keep warm!

3. CD as ice scraper

Use a CD to clear frost from your windshield.

2. Give your shoes better traction with screws

Tricky, but totally worth it!

1. Use kitty litter if you’re stuck in snow

You’ll have to shovel the snow around tyres and sprinkle kitty litter for better traction.