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20 Cool Things You Can Do With Bottle Caps Instead of Throwing Them

Usually what do you with bottle caps? Yeah, we all throw them away. It is kind of a reflex habit, however, if you don’t throw them away, you can create wonders. Here’s a list of 20 amazing things you can make using bottle caps and that too without special skills. Do let us know what you think about it.

20. Friendship Necklaces

19. One of a Kind wreath

18. Wall Art

17. Astonishing Necklace

16. Fishing Lures

15. Cool Clock

14. Decorating Garden

13. Original Rings

12. Decorating Frame of Mirror

11. Drink coasters!

10. Amazing Magnets

9. Wind Chime

8. Tabletop – Amazing

7. One of a Kind Keychain

6. Pincushion Ring

5. You can decorate a Picture Frame

4. Small Candles

3. Tiny Photo Frames

2. Play Anywhere

1. Earrings

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