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20 Cool Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Following are 20 amazing life hacks that will get you excited to try them. Check these out and let us know your favourite in the comments section below:

20. Chill up your wine

Try using frozen grapes instead of ice-cubes to chill wine, it won’t water it down.

19. Re-invent your baby’s crib

Your baby’s crib can be turned into a writing board when they grow up.

18. Best sandwich guide ever

Using this trick, you can enjoy every single corner of your sandwich.

17. Use a can opener for cutting plastic packaging

Well it is hard to cut the sealed packaging, but not an more as a can opener is friendly enough to cut the sealed plastic packaging.

16. Place a newspaper inside the trash can

A newspaper placed inside the trash can will absorb the food juices and oil, which actually means there will be no mess.

15. Clean your decks with out an effort

If you attach broom and hose together, you can clean you decks in a better way.

14. Stem free strawberries

There’s an easy and tidy way to remove stems from the strawberries. Use a straw.

13. No more hurting your thumbs

Avoid hurting your thumbs while hammering by holding a nail with the help of cloth pins.

12. Increase the capacity of sauce rims

The image says it all, so unroll the the rim to increase it’s capacity.

11. Get yourself quick and innovative speakers

A toilet paper tube helps in making quick and inexpensive speakers.

10. Hide your pants zipper.

A key ring would help you hide your pants zipper.

09. Free up counter space

Make a sliding cutting board in your kitchen and free some counter space, which is a blessing when you are cooking heavy meals.

08. Charge your phone faster than ever


Turn on flight mode of your cell phone while charging it. You will see how faster it works but do not forget to turn the flight mode off.

07. No more straw rising, Try this

As seen in the picture, try putting your straw in the can’s tab. This way, it won’t rise out of your can.

06. Re-heat your last night pizza

Reheat your last night pizza without making it chewy by putting a glass of water along with it in a microwave.

05. Maximize your tooth paste output

A bobby pin can help you in increasing the output of your toothpaste.

04. Fit more than one bowl in a microwave

You can actually heat up more than one dish in your small microwave.

03. Save your finger nails.

Use a staple remover to add or remove things from the key chain rings, without breaking your nails.

02. Chilled beer in 2 minutes

Wrap up a wet towel paper around your beer and put it into the freezer, then enjoy chilled beer.

01. Home made ice-cream sandwich

Make yourself a delicious home made ice-cream sandwich as shown in the picture.