19 Improved Everyday Products That Make Life Easier

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We all, sooner or later, start noticing about how we could use improved everyday products to make them more handy and useful. What follows is a list of such improvements which have been carried out and one must commend those who came up with the ideas!

Toilet cum Sink
19. Toilet cum Sink

Say hello to this Japanese toilet which is water efficient and doesn’t take up lot of space as well.

Circular Outlet
18. Circular Outlet

Using the conventional outlet you can plug in only two ways, well no more!

Washable keyboard
17. Washable keyboard

You no longer need to be worried about a dusty keyboard. Just wash it. This is a improved everyday products office workers need.

You can buy it here: Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 for Windows PCs – Black (920-004033)

USBs Display
16. USBs Display

The concept is simple; your flash drive displays the files it contains.

USBs Again
15. USBs Again

This is a wonderful improvement for office where one continuously needs USBs for data transfer. Just tear and share!

Say Goodbye to Sogginess
14. Say Goodbye to Sogginess

Now you can enjoy your cereal without sogginess.

Cutting Board and Wine Holder
13. Cutting Board and Wine Holder

This improvement allows for your cutting board to also work as your cup holder.

Electronic Cutting Board
12. Electronic Cutting Board

This is the perfect way to measure out exactly how much you’re cutting and adding to the recipe.

Enjoy your Coffee Mug – Literally
11. Enjoy your Coffee Mug - Literally

This idea is pretty slick; you get your coffee in an edible mug!

Knives that can Nest
10. Knives that can Nest

It’s a neat and sleek design for your knives. You can buy it here:Deglon Meeting Knife Set, Stainless Steel Knives and Block, Set of 4

Where do I put the Paint brush?
9. Where do I put the Paint brush

The answer is simple; let it hang on the rim of paint cans.

Ice Cubes and Ice tray – The dilemma
8. Ice Cubes and Ice tray – The dilemma

We all know how frustrating it can get but not anymore! You can buy a similar product here:Final Touch Ice Balls Silicone Ice Mold, Set of 6 Home Supply Maintenance Store

Watch with words
7. Watch with words

An elegant way to change how watches work.

Luggage Tags
6. Luggage Tags

These awesome luggage tags will shout your name!

Wiring under the rug
5. Wiring under the rug

Meet the flat extension cords – Where have you been all our lives?

Smart Bottle Opener
4. Smart Bottle Opener

This bottle opener will also trap the cap once it has opened the bottle for you.

Chopsticks or Spoon?
3. Chopsticks or Spoon

How about both? Now you can merge them together or use them individually.

Refrigerators with a camera
2. Refrigerators with a camera

Stop opening your refrigerator unnecessarily with this improvement. 

Transparent Phones
1. Transparent Phones

Now you can walk and use your phone without bumping into stuff.



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