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18 Life Hacks That Will Bring A Drastic Change In Your Daily Routine

At times we are unintentionally making our lives tough. These amazing 18 life hacks will remove at least 18 annoying things/activities from your life.

18. Using COKE as a toilet cleaner,Don’t believe it ? Then check this out

Wow, Coke is not only for complimenting your food but also for cleaning your toilets. Cheap and amazing cleaner.

17. Reheat as much food as you can with smart arrangement

Try to manage your things and save time, heat your food altogether as much as you can by using this genius life hack.

16. Lighten up your candles with ease

Use a spaghetti stick to light up the candles which are hard to reach.

15. An innovative egg separator

A plastic water bottle works great for the separation of egg yolk.

14. No more boil overs

Just put this wooden spoon in across position on your cooking utensil, this will put a full stop on your boiling overs.

13. Amplify your mobile speakers at a very cheap cost

If you put your cell-phone in the bowl then it will amplify it’s sounds. Enjoy you music and be thankful to his amazing life hack.

12. An apple is a coffee’s alternative

An apple is healthier than a coffee, it makes your mornings as fresh as a cup of coffee does.

11. A cheap steamer for your clothes

For all the lazy bums around, just steam your clothes without an effort. Enjoy the brilliant hack.

10. Loud alarms for all the sleeping beauties

Putting your cell phones into glass raise it’s volume.

09. “Say cheese”, Take a picture of people you have lended things to

Take a click of  person your have loaned things to, it is quite weird and dumb but an amazing solution to your short memory

08. Enjoy yourselves with chilled water whenever you want

Fill half of the bottle and put it on the sides of the freezer, When frozen fill it with water and have chilled water whenever you want.

07. Serve yourself with the best sandwich ever

By putting 2 slices into single toaster slot makes you bread crunchy from outside but soggy and chewy from inside. Really yummy for your tummy!

06. Duct tape are too good for opening jar lids

Duct tape can open the jar lids no matter how tight they are. Make your life smoother

05. Best avocado guide ever

Now you can easily get to know that whether the avocado is  ripe or unripe.

04. Heat your food evenly

Serve your self with the evenly hot food by spacing out a circle in the middle, this will heat up your food evenly.

03. Straw = strawberry stem remover

The image says it all!

02. Place a newspaper in the dust bin to avoid mess

By placing a newspaper in the bin lessen the mess as the newspaper absorbs the oil or juices etc.

01. Find your tiny little things

Wrap up a sock on the top of  vacuum so that it could suck tiny things like jewellery.