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18 Amazing Hacks You can Perform with Coca-Cola

coca-cola hacks

Coca-Cola is a well-known brand. However, we doubt that many of you know the amazing hacks that can be pulled off by making use of Coca-Cola. Check out the list of hacks that you can perform with Coca-Cola that we have compiled for you and let us know what you think.

18. Polish stained china with a soft cloth and a little bit of Coke.

17. Make coins super shiny by soaking them in Coke.

16. Clean your grout by pouring Coke on the floor for a few minutes. Wipe it up and your grout will be as good as new.

15. Pour a can of Coke in your toilet and let it sit for an hour. Flush it down and stubborn rings will disappear.

14. Use Coke to clean off pans covered with baked-on food.

13. Clean rust off of anything with a little bit of Coca-Cola.

12. Need barbecue sauce but don’t have any around? Mix ketchup with Coca-Cola for the same great taste.

11. Keep bees away from your outdoor party with a dish of Coke.

10. Pour a little bit of Coke on car battery terminals for a better connection.

9. Use Coke to kill and ward off snails or slugs.

8. Did you get gum stuck in your hair? Soak it in Coke and it’ll slide right out.

7. You can also pour a can of Coke into your laundry load to remove tough stains using the same principle.

6. Remove marker stains from your carpet using some Coca-Cola and soap.

5. For an interesting kids science experiment, soak a baby tooth in Coke. After two weeks, pull it out and see just how much has dissolved from the sugar.

4. Clean caked on bugs and dirt off your car’s windshield with Coca-Cola.

3. To clean your garage floor, soak oil stains in Coke and rinse them off with a hose.

2. Make chrome super shiny with tin foil and Coke.

1. Loosen up paint for stripping by placing a rag covered in Coca-Cola over the surface.

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