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15 Technologies That Promise To Make The Future Awesome

We have learned over the years that technology never – and I mean never – ceases to amaze us! Everyday we read and listen about some crazy new breakthrough and some kind of out of this world technology that vows to change lives forever, and yet we all know that we will hear about two more such advancements the next day. It is truly exciting to be living in these times, and today Wonderful Engineering has collected a list of 15 technologies that are really noteworthy:

1) The Smart Kitchen

No need to keep those cooking manuals and recipe books in a separate drawer, now you can view them with a touch of a button or maybe even less. The concept of smart kitchen is to integrate all the appliances in your kitchen together, thus making an internet of things of a sort. You can control everything using the Galaxy Tab technology’s Prisma Smart Kitchen all the while completing your chores in lesser time.

Picture Credits: diply

2) A Stethoscope Phone Case

This stethoscope was created by a 15-year-old boy Suman Mulumudi, a student at Lakeside School in Seattle. It uses your iPhone and an app to display your heartbeat, and goes to show the latest trends towards turning modern science more tech savvy.

Pic Credits: diply

3) The Bio Robot Refrigerator

This is the future of refrigerators! It consists of non-stick, odourless cooling gel and is made for easy preservation and access to food. Seems a little gooey, but hey if it keeps my food clean and fresh, you won’t find me complaining!

Pic Credits: diply

4) 3D Printing

3D printing is truly the representative of our future, fast, easily accessible and dynamic. We have seen the growing trend of using 3D printing; from paltry tasks such as printing mobile cases to as sensitive projects as creating an artificial limb! And there is no evidence to suggest that this trend will decline anytime soon.

Pic Credits: diply

5) Device That Turns Paper Into Pencils

If you often find yourself searching for a pencil, then this clever little device called the P&P Office Waste Processor will keep well stocked by quickly producing them from simple office waste paper. The device gobbles up your paper waste basket contents and spits fully formed pencils out at the press of a button.

Credits: diply

6) Air Umbrella

No more keeping your umbrella straightened and struggling to keep it over your head while the gusts of wind try to force otherwise. This air umbrella will keep the water away from you while being weightless and easy to handle.

Pic Credits: diply

7) Eye Scrolling

There was a time when the jump from keypads to touch screens was a huge deal. Now in another paradigm shift, eye scrolling is threatening to take over touch screens, by which you will no longer need to even use your hands to control your smart devices.

Pic Credits: diply

8) GPS Keys

We all have gone through the ordeal of spending hours and hours on trying to find our car keys while they lie around in some deep dark corner of our house smirking at our pain. No more a problem as a GPS key-chain vows to solve our problems. You can now easily use your smartphone or laptop to locate your lost keys using this new key chain!
You can get it here

Pic Credits: diply

9) Laser Watch

The new trend in the world of watches is using smart technologies, and this is just another stride in that direction. A laser beam will display time on your arm whenever you want it to, thus saving you the “ordeal” of actually lifting your arm to check the time. Phew, that will save me a whole lot of energy I need to get lazier (if that’s possible).

Pic Credits: diply

10) Smart Lens

Continuing to salvage the not so popular Google Glass concept, smart lens will do all the things vowed by Google Glass minus the nerdy/geeky look.

Pic Credits: diply


11) The RYNO

This beauty (the bike of course) has only one wheel to steer, and provides a host of possibilities. It can travel up to 12 miles on one recharge, and has a top speed of 10 mph ( equivalent to a really fast run). It has great manoeuvrability, thus making it a perfect choice for navigating through the city roads. Though it’s currently in prototype, but that could give you time to save up for this bad boy.

Pic Credits: diply


12) Solar Powered Sockets

The concept of free energy has been circulating for quite a while, this solar powered socket vows to provide just that. It will be recharged using the sun, and you can use the stored electricity to run your appliances without any further hassle. This surely would have made Tesla proud. You can get one here

Pic Credits: diply

13) Audio Tooth Implant

Currently, this is designed for making phone calls with the touch of your tongue, but this can provide a host of possibilities for other “secret” tasks you can perform without letting anyone know. Looks like the inventor has been inspired by James Bond a tad too much, but still it’s a cool concept.

Pic Credits: diply


14) Smart Shirts

From your screens to watches to now your shirts; one wonders when this will end! Now you can do everything that your smartphone does using your smart shirts. Though currently it only runs a body monitoring app, the time is not too far when it will be able to do a whole lot more.

Pic Credits: diply

15) Virtual Reality

VR is has taken over the virtual world by a storm, and allows you to actually “live” the animated or virtual reality. It still has a few bugs and errors which needs fixing, but it is understood that the concept itself is going places!

Pic Credits: diply

Have any other cool gadgets of the future to share with us?

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