15 Super Creative Billboard Advertisements Around The World


Nowadays, it is all about marketing your product and if you can’t do that, then it doesn’t matter what kind of a breakthrough you have managed or what you have achieved; your invention/idea will just not catch on. We have a compiled a list of 15 ads which are ingenious and quite powerful. Check these out and tell us which one is your favourite.

15. Nike Ad15. Nike

14. Miele Vacuum Cleaner14. Miele Vacuum Cleaners

13. Hunger in Africa – Think13. Hunger in Africa

12. Puzzle Ad12. Puzzle Ad

11. IKEA Ad11. IKEA Ad

10. Lego10. Lego

9. Adidas9. Adidas

8. Hot Wheels8. Hot Wheels

7. Spicy Henz Ketchup7. Spicy Henz Ketchup

6. Post it6. Post it

5. Alteco Super Glue5. Alteco Super Glue

4. Pet Shop4. Pet Shop

3. Karate Centre3. Karate Centre

2. Be Patient2. Be Patient

1. Immodium1. Immodium



  1. Tabasum Ali Reply

    I like all above adds but the adidas add is one of the best and super glue is also good one.

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