15 Life Tricks For Winter That Everyone Must Know

Winter - Versoix, Switzerland

Winters can become pretty hard to survive in some parts of the world. Everyday chores become quite a hassle and things get difficult. However, there are always tricks for everything that can ease your life. Check out these 15 life tricks that you can use to make your life easier in winters.

1. End up getting your car windows iced every morning? Spray a mixture of Vinegar and Water (3:1) on car windows to prevent ice from accumulating on them.
Winter Lifehacks-1

2. Don’t have a pair of insulated thermals to wear under your trousers? Wear running tights or Pantyhose under your pants to keep yourself warm.

Winter lifehacks-2

3. Does your car wipers stick to the windows in the morning? Keep them in the air and cover them with a sock when parked.

4. Is your room too cold? Turn on the fan at low speed and run it on reverse ( clockwise). It will throw down the warm air from ceiling.

Winter lifehacks-4

5. Don’t like your hair after wearing hats? Use dry shampoo after taking off your hair and fluff your hair, they will be good as before.

Winter lifehacks-5

6. Spray some non-stick cooking spray on your shovel to make the snow glide off during shoveling.

Shoveling Snow #2

7. Room evaporator not keeping your room  warm enough? Stick a tin foil against the wall at the back of the evaporator. It will reflect the heat back into the room making heating more effective.

Winter lifehacks-7

8. Cover your side mirrors with zip-lock bags when you park your car. This will prevent them from Freezing and you forgetting to clean them before taking the drive.

Winter lifehacks-8

9. Apply zip ties to your bicycle tyre to gain them more traction in the snow.

Winter lifehacks-9

10. Cut a length of pool noodles and put them in your long shoes. This will keep them standing and prevent them from making a mess in your shoe rack.

Winter lifehacks-10

11. Parking your car outside in a wintery night? To avoid a thick, frozen windshield, park facing east. That way, the rising sun can help clear your window.

Winter lifehacks-11

12. Woke up to see your car windows all iced up? Use a plastic card to chip away the ice and clear the windows.

Winter lifehacks-13

13. Stuck in the snow? Use your car’s foot mats to get out of such a situation. Just place the mat below the tyres and get out of the slippery location.

Winter Lifehacks

14. See a lot of wool pills on your sweater from washing? Use a cheap razor and run it over the sweater to clear the pills and make it new again.

winter lifehacks-14

15. Stick some short length screws in your tennis shoes if you want to walk in the snow. This will gain them some traction. However, be careful not to wear them on hard surfaces else it can hurt you.



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