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15 Innovative Ideas That Will Make You Go ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before?’

Innovative ideas that can make your routine life a lot more comfortable

The world is not all perfect, but humans have made stuff to make life as comfortable as possible. It is sad to see that most of these ideas are still unique, whereas seeing their useful application, you would wish to get hold of these everyday commodities at once.

Not having these things at your disposal is something you may not be able to control. Having a look at them to feast your eyes is as easy as scrolling down.

1. Data for days.

Most of us count on computers and online storage to keep our daily life data secure, but we still use USB drives to carry pictures, videos, and files with us. However, those plastic-encased USBs aren’t environment friendly, whereas this tear-off USB might prove to be somewhat eco-friendly.

2. Plants + robots.

This adorable robot is an example of the perfect mix between nature and technology. The robot changes places in search of better sunlight and throws robot tantrums in case it couldn’t find any.

3. Wheeee!

It would be hard to resist having it built at your house after looking at a concept this amazing.

4. Better than a peephole.

This glass doorknob gives out a distorted view of what’s behind the door. It’s a great idea, but beware is not built to be installed in a bathroom.

5. The Keurig we all want.

Keurig machines are fun and cool, but all you get is coffee out of it. This machine is literally a Keurig-style device built to make yummy ice-cream.

6. Never leave the couch.

Modern-day controllers are built to function wireless, but they too do need charging. If you are a lazy person like I am, this would fit your needs perfectly while not stopping the play.

7. Cars need this built in.

Its high time that the auto-mobile industry starts adding little features to the new cars. It has been ages that cars come equipped with cup-holder spaces, but we need spaces for placing our yummy fast food sauces too.

8. Man or machine?

This guy surely belongs to the future. While most motorcycle signals are not much visible, this guy got the right solution by syncing his jacket to his motorcycle’s signals.

9. Stealthy.

Want to have the perfect Netflix time? This would fit perfectly for anyone who loves binge-watching shows alone or with loved ones. Coming with an amazing feature where it hides your TV set makes it a deal you can’t resist.

10. No need for car mounts.

It is stiff enough not to screw your inside connection of the phone and is an elegant way of putting your phone right in your visibility while driving.

11. Sometimes it’s all you need.

This is the fine solution for a person who loves to eat eggs sometimes but is restricted to keep more of those in the fridge because their better-half doesn’t like them.

12. The eternal candle.

Candle wax can be reused once it melts and reshapes, but melting it to form another candle can be an annoying task. A better fit would be this innovative candle that creates a new one as it melts.

13. The best kind of surprise.

This place hands out parking tickets, but the catch is that they’re actually thankful that the driver parked overnight instead of causing an accident while drunk. For appreciation, this ‘ticket’ gives the bearer $10 off their next purchase.

14. Lazy life goals.

This laptop stand that looks like a spider can be formed with additional legs. However, the idea still comes out as a great one seeing the comfortable position to use your electronic devices.

15. If there’s water, there’s power.

Never thought of a shower generating power to run your Bluetooth speakers. The concept works just the same as in dams. And who doesn’t appreciates fun music time while taking a bath?

All in all, these innovative ideas are great in their application and could bring loads of comfort to your routine life.

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