13 Home Inventions That Will Entirely Change Your Life

Life is easy. We don’t have to wear leaves, hunt our food with spears, or live in caves. But we have troubles of our own. The charging port is too far away from your bed, the mirror in your bathroom is fogged up with your hot shower steam, you forgot your spoon in the kitchen, and you can go on and on about it. The struggle is real. On the brighter side, people keep coming up with inventions so brilliant that make you wish heavens for the inventors. Have a look at some of the most marvelous and thoughtful of these.

13. Heated Mirror

Endless shampoo hairstyles for you. Yeppie!

Image: Bright Side

12. Two-Way Toothpaste

Well, there is a simpler way to use toothpaste like a human. I guess this would work too.

Image: Bright Side

11. Buckleless Belt

Oh, the horrible, terrible, painful, and annoying buckles. Bubye!

Image: Bright Side


10. Multifunctional Phone Rest

Tired hands, arms, and neck. Nope!

Image: Bright Side

9. Digital Coin Bank

You will put your change to some good use without counting coins over and over again.

Image: Bright Side

8. Folding Sunglasses

Tiny bag? No problem!

Image: Bright Side

7. Overlapping Curtain Tracks

That one annoying thin line of sunlight is gone forever.

Image: Bright Side


6. Portable Light Balls

Don’t hunt for the torch in your phone if you have to get up at night.

Image: Bright Side

5. Mini Power Charger

Yeah, the giant battery bank hanging with your phone is not convenient at all.

Image: Bright Side

4. Illuminated Showerhead

Is your shower a disco ball? Does it have temperature indicators? This one got everything!

Image: Bright Side

3. Smart Bed

This bed understands you, keeps you warm, and remembers you.

Image: Bright Side

2. Butterfly Keyboard

All this typing gave me a little arm ache. I think I need this keyboard now.

Image: Bright Side

1. Multifunctional Bed

This is your entire house and office packed into a bed. Obviously, except kitchen and the bathroom!

Image: Bright Side

Worth-buying and unique!

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