15 Hi-Tech Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Super Awesome

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We have all seen people upgrade their cars with the latest technology available and even smartphones get upgraded or personalized to match the owner’s personality. What about the place we live in? Our homes are our own personal habitat and should reflect our personality. They should also have as many of the latest features and gadgets to make life easier. Here are 15 upgrades that every engineer’s home should have.

1. Lockitron

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The Lockitron is the future in home security. Users can tell if their house is currently locked or not and also remain informed about which family members have left or entered the house via a smartphone app that connects to the system. This gadget gives people peace of mind like no other modern home security system.

2. Milkmaid

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For those of you who always forget to get milk from the grocery store on your way home, the Milkmaid is a savior. The electronic carafe measures the amount of milk in the container and sends you an alert on your smartphone if the milk is running low so you can get more before you come back home. The Milkmaid also monitor the pH level of the milk and alerts you if it’s about to go sour, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates either.

3. Kohler Numi Toilet

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This is the world’s most advanced toilet and features some of the most amazing technologies. The Kohler Numi has has motion activated cover and seat, an advanced bidet function with integrated air drier for hands free defecation, a built in foot warmer to make late night bathroom trips less annoying and much more. The price tag for all of this luxury is $6,000 and it may be a while before it becomes commonplace in every home.

4. Smart Plate

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This is still in the concept phase, but the Smart Plate can be a great hit. The plate basically works by attaching a musical note to every ingredient in the food you are eating. The idea seems a little strange at the moment but it could be popular among consumers in the future (if it is ever produced for the market).

5. Hi-Can Bed

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The classic four-poster bed was an elegant and luxurious creation and The Hi-Can bed is its modern, technological equivalent. The bed features surround shades which allow for a dark, peaceful sleep, a high quality sound system, a built-in PC and an entertainment console, both of which are displayed on a high definition projector. This bed makes it even more difficult to get up in the morning.

6. Cybertecture Mirror

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This mirror lets you see more than your own reflection. The smart mirror gives you updates about weather, news and any other information you might need before you start your day. A variety of apps are also available to make your morning routine a little more fun. The Cybertecture mirror keeps you in touch with the world before you even step out of your bedroom.

7. Acoustable

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This device combines a coffee table with a high-end sound system. The Acoustable is a must have for people who love minimalist styling and are fans of multi-functional furniture. The table also allows you to connect your smartphone so that it charged or simply used to play music on the amazing sound system.

8. Self-Cleaning Fridge

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Cleaning the fridge is a long and arduous task that requires more time than it’s worth. But the days of having to clean your fridge are history with this self-cleaning model. This fridge not only features screens that inform you about the food you need to restock on, recipes, and other things, but it also has the ability to clean itself. Technology is definitely an amazing thing.

9. Memory Coffee-Maker

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The Memory Coffee Maker will make the perfect cup of coffee for you every time. The coffee maker scans your hand to recognize you and then brews your coffee just the way you like it. It is a must have for every household where everyone drinks coffee. The coffee maker will memorize your preference along with those of your family members and serve them their favorite cup every day.

10. Nano Garden

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You may not have to go to the produce section of the grocery store in the near future, thanks to this garden. The Nano Garden is an indoor garden which allows you to grow the food that you eat. The completely controllable and programmable environment allows users to grow a large variety of vegetables in their own home.

11. Orbital Washing Machine

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With this washing machine, you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading your laundry every time. The washing machine comes with it’s own special laundry baskets that can be popped into the washer and then removed once the load is done. A simple and smart solution which provides a lot of convenience.

12. Combi Monitor

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This is an HD monitor which doubles as a printer. With the ease and space saving potential this monitor provides, its a wonder why no one thought of it before. The combi monitor is a must have for your home office and will not only save space, but look great while doing so.

13. Transparent TV

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Another must have item for the minimalist fan. This smart, sleek and stylish TV will make any living room look futuristic. A television set that matches with any and all furniture, the transparent TV is as much a piece of art as it is a work of technology. Several companies have been able to produce this concept, with Samsung, LG and Hitachi among them.

14. Floor Plan Light Switch

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This gadget is so simple that everyone should have it installed in their homes. The switch acts as a touch pad which gives you a layout of the floor plan so you can know which light to turn out without having to play ‘guess the switch’ every time. An ingenious solution to an age old problem, the Floor Plan Light Switch makes home life easier.

15. Aeroball

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Though still a concept, these Aeroballs will be an amazing gadget to have at home. The Aeroballs will float around your home like tiny bubbles and filter and purify the air indoors. This is a unique take on a home air filtration system and looks like something you would see in the Jetsons home. The Aeroball will be definite hit once it’s commercially produced.


  1. Lungelo Lungster Dlamini Reply

    i like the way the bedroom is being upgraded wooow hmmm switchng off light throu the phone that so cool to me

  2. Haydar Reply

    I want to be able to switch on and off the lightbulb with my smartphone.

    Its So annoying to switch on and off when u wanna go to sleep. Or forget a lightbulb while leaving to work etc.

  3. Ney Still Reply

    get me the lockitron. my family keep locking @other in/out of the house all the time. Even I, on my way out,usually. leave the keys for… well … em to nobody & end up waiting. Hectic! not really. Just the number of fam. members/different schedule. Don’t even get me started on the different coffee flavours. wow

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