15 Cool Facts About Red Bull You Did Not Know Before

15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 15

We all know Red Bull, but do we really know Red Bull? Here are 15 facts that you most probably didn’t know about Red Bull. Check them out and let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

15. Over 40 Billion Cans Sold15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 15

Red bull has so far sold a total of 40 billion cans with 5.387 billion cans sold in 2013 only.

14. Red Bull Media House15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 14

Red Bull Media House is the name of the media company that takes care of print, television, digital media and feature films while focusing on lifestyle, culture and sports.

13. Awesome Headquarters15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 13

The Red Bull HQ is in Fuschl am See, Austria and looks quite amazing.

12. Environmentally Conscious15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 12

The cans of Red Bull are fully recyclable and the process takes 95% less energy as compared to creating a new can. Manufacturing and filling of cans is carried out at a single location, thus saving 80% of renewable resources during the operation.

11. All-Natural Cola15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 11

Red Bull also came up with a 100% natural cola known as Red Bull Cola.

10. Paper Airplane Contest15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 10

Paper Wings is a contest that is carried out worldwide where applicants compete to find out whose plane is the best.

9. Record Label15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 9

The label has been named as Red Bull Records and has featured a number of different artists from varying genres.

8. Wings for Life15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 8

The non-profit was founded in 2004 and funded by Red Bull. Its biggest fundraising event is the World Run that is carried out across 6 continents. The organization funds and supports spinal cord research.

7. Jump from SpaceRed Bull Stratos Project

Under Red Bull’s space diving project named Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the space’s edge in a special suit and broke the sound barrier!

6. F1 Success15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 6

Red Bull has had a huge success in F1 races and won the best driver and best team award in 2012 after which it bought a second team.

5. Extreme Sports15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 5

Red Bull is involved in a number of extreme adrenaline sports such as air races, wakeboarding and cliff diving.

4. Cocaine Controversy15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 4

Red Bull was banned in German back in 2009 for a short while for amounts of cocaine that were found in it originating from coca leaf extracts. Red Bull revealed that it uses only de-cocainized coca leaf and one would have to take 100,000 liters of Red Bull to become affected.

3. First of its kind15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 3

Yes, it was the first of its kind and created the energy drink market when it was launched in 1987. It made its way to US in 1997 though.

2. How it came to market15 Cool Facts about Red Bull 2

Austrian salesman, Dietrich Mateschitz, discovered the tonic when he was visiting Asia and ended up partnering with Chaleo in business.

1. Originated in Thailand15 Cool Facts about Red Bull

The drink originated back in early 80s in Thailand by Chaleo Yoovidhya named as Krating Daeng (Thai for Red Bull).


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