Here Are 15 Examples Of Lazy Workers Having A “Not My Job” Moment

Sometimes you add things to our resume in which you are neither qualified nor interested in working, but you still add them for the sake of adding them. When eventually you get the job, the results can be compared to the following images.

While these ‘not my job’ images are funny for some people. People with OCD are going to cringe after seeing them!

No train must pass this!

not my job

Roadside puzzle.

not my job

Rhyme for the twisted mind.

Never going to pick it!not my jobDid curiosity kill the cat?


not my job

The house turned sideways.

Your privacy is your personal problem.

Just a little speed breaker.

Inches away from being done!

The unsolved mystery

Another way to make them DIY

How did this even happen?

A one-meter sprint for the dogs.

Those who are going there, must not go there.

not my job

If only they have attended the…


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