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LogicInk UV Is The Next Generation Of Ultraviolet Sensors

(Source: New Atlas)

There are a number of ultraviolet light sensors on the market. Just a while back, L’Oreal released a sensor that fits on the user’s thumbnail. You could simply swipe your phone over it to get all the reading. LogicInk UV goes a step even further and eliminates the use of a smartphone to get the readings.

LogicInk UV is a waterproof device and can be applied to the skin like a band-aid. It comes in two designs for now. One has two parallel bars while the other features a small ring within a larger ring. Sunscreen will be applied on top of it and the inks have the ability to change color based on their exposure to sunlight.

(Source: New Atlas)

Either the ring or the bar changes from white to purple immediately when exposed to sunlight. The shade of the color is dependant on the intensity of sunlight. The other ring or bar has three sections. These change incrementally from purple to bright pink.

When all the three portions have changed to pink, it is an indication that the daily limit for ultraviolet light is reached. The current device is only designed for fair-toned users. The company LigicInk is looking to launch the product in a couple months time but have not commented on the price yet.