14 Genius Uses Of Zip Ties That You Did Not Know Before

Movies may only show you people being kidnapped with their hands tied by a Zip-tie, however here are some other wonderful uses of Zip-ties you may have never known before.

1. Zip-Tie as Laces

Broke your laces? Have some Zip-ties to replace them.

Credits: Nelco Products
2. Fence Repair

Broken fence can be re-wired using a Zip-tie.

Credits: Instructables
3. Key Chains Replacements

Lost keychain, here is how you can have a quick fix.

Credits: Instructables
4. Unclog the drain

The Zip-tie can also be used to unclog drains.

Credits: Bob Vila
5. Basket Holder

By using Zip-ties, you can make a storage cabinet out of baskets for milk carton etc.

Credits: Mom Dot
6. Lamp Shades

The Zip-tie Lamps is a craft that you can learn here.

Credits: Pinterest
7. Bike Snow Tire

Wanna bike but there is snow outside? Prepare your bike for a ride in the snow by using Zip-tie.

Credits: Every Mantri
8. Flower Holder

Floristry is your thing. By using Zip-tie, you can put flower arrangements into place as you desire.

Credits: Bob Vila
9. Zipper-head Replacement

Broke your Zipper-head? Replace it with  Zip-tie.

Credits: Instructables
10. Hubcap Support

Secure your Hubcaps in place if you never want to lose them by using Zip-tie

Credits: Yelp Auckland
11. Decoration Support

Support your holiday or everyday decorations in place with Zip-ties.

Credits: Pinterest
12. Secure Luggage

Secure your luggage with this simple lifehack.

Credits: Ziptie
13. Adjust Plant growth Direction

Make sure your plants grow upright or in any shape you want them to with Zip-tie holding them in place.

Credits: Shareably
14. Fix Toilet Chain

Broke/Lost your toilet chain? Use the zip-tie to pull the chain and make it work again.

Credits: Shareably

There you have it. Wonderful uses of zip-ties.

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