14 Billboard Advertisements That Touch The Limit Of Creativity


Marketing is how you sell your product or service and that is why we decided to bring to you a collection of 14 examples of how marketing can be done effectively if you have got enough cash. Not only are these advertisements well designed, they have been placed very strategically and having a lasting impact on the viewers.

14. Nike Ball14. Nike Ball

This ad was placed to promote the World Cup. Hard to miss, isn’t it?

13. Allstate Insurance Marina Car13. Allstate Insurance Marina Car

Need a reason for your car insurance? Here’s one that will convince you very easily. The location is Marina Towers in Downtown Chicago.

12. Pantene Really Strong Hair12. Pantene Really Strong Hair

How do you advertise for a shampoo such as Pantene? Well, you attach large braided ponytails to a building in Toronto and then let the climbers clamber up it!

11. Powerhouse Gym11. Powerhouse Gym

Whoa – Meet the strong guys who are helping out with the construction, brilliant work indeed.

10. Coops Paint Nationwide Insurance 10. Coops Paint Nationwide Insurance

Ingenious approach towards marketing, don’t you think? You’re looking at the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The paint flooded the parking lot and cars as well. The idea was to promote; ‘Life Comes at you fast’ ads for Nationwide Insurance.

9. Coca-Cola Refresh on the Side of Life9. Coca-Cola Refresh on the Side of Life

Coke, as usual, coming up with great ideas for ads.

8. Alco Wash Me8. Alco Wash Me

Lavame stands for ‘Wash me’ and Alco cleaning products has put up the ad.

7. Penline Strong Tape7. Penline Strong Tape

Simple and brilliant!

6. Anando Milk Kid6. Anando Milk Kid

The ad is on display in Mumbai, India and promotes how milk strengthens our children!

5. Siemens Mixer5. Siemens Mixer

The Siemens Mixer even makes use of the rotating doors that are part of the building!

4. Mini Cooper Vending Machine4. Mini Cooper Vending Machine

That is how easy buying a Mini Cooper is!

3. Axe Calendar3. Axe Calendar

With Axe you can meet a new girl everyday, the calendar was placed on a female dorm building btw.

2. Nike Run Through the Wall2. Nike Run Through the Wall

Two buildings were employed to create the ad ‘Run Through the Wall’. Nike, as usual, bringing the best to marketing!

1. Kill Bill Volume 11. Kill Bill Volume 1

This was how a TV screening of the Kill Bill Vol. 1 was advertised in Auckland, New Zealand!


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