13 Unknown Secrets About Hewlett-Packard Company


A former Hewlett-Packard worker has spilt out 13 most well-kept secrets of the company.

1: To sell new printers, most of the HP Printers have a built-in page-counter.

After this counter is filled, your printer will stop working. The counter resides in the drum kit and can be turned back to zero after an NV ram reset.

2: Want to talk to an operator ASAP? Repeatedly say “Agent.”

After two or three repetitions, your call will be directly transferred to a human.

3: Be wary of a throwaway printer:

Always make sure that your model of the printer’s cartridges doesn’t cost more than the printer itself. Even the HP techs are asked not to work more than 30 minutes on these as after that they will be costing HP money.

4: HP cartridges have a separate warranty than the printer 

Have a faulty cartridge? Check the warranty sticker on it to see if you can still get it replaced for free.

5: HP tech support is usually outsourced to cheaper markets after six months of a model:

As we all know, the countries include India, Canada or Costa Rica.

6: Keep checking for the parts you were promised to receive:

HP Parts Store usually promises to send something, even if it is not available in the inventory. The HP PS was moved to Central America and is notorious for its lapses in customer satisfaction, missed shipments, etc.

7: Never use a non-HP cartridge:

The tech support will never entertain your query if it is proven that the problem occurred after you used non-HP cartridges.

8: Never use a 120lbs paper before double checking:

Of course, the salesman would say anything to sell their product. But you better call up HP tech support to double check before you ruin your printer.

9: Even if your warranty has just run out,  call tech support anyway:

It’s all a game of confidence. If you firmly tell your “warranty agent” that you have an “extended warranty”, your query will be forwarded to HP tech support.

10: Don’t get angry at the Tech Support staff:

Yelling and shouting at the support staff will yield no good, as most of them are making minimum wages and will hang up. Instead, ask for a high up or a supervisor to register your protest.

11: Don’t threaten a lawsuit as well:

Again, HP tech support staff will simply hand up if any threatening remarks are made. 

12. HP’s Beta Software website:

Visit http://www.hp.com/pond/ljbeta/ and get first-hand access to the beta software that isn’t available on the distribution CDs. They can do a lot of stuff that isn’t possible with the more readily available ones.

13.  Point and print

Visit this website to play with a new hp toy



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