13 Examples Of Engineering That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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Animals may not speak our language, but they can still teach us so much. The 13 animals shown below have met with great tragedies and yet they continue living happy lives, they give us examples of hope and joy that can inspire us to face the difficulties in our life. All this has been made possible by engineering and will restore your faith in humanity!

1. Chris P. Bacon

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This piglet was born without his hind legs. Its owner took it to a vet in Florida who gave Chris the ability to move around on its own with the help of his own wheelchair. The animal couldn’t be happier.

2. Hoppa

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This mixed breed dog was born without his front legs. A special contraption was made for him which allows him to walk outside. The prosthetic device was made by an art student who loves animals and hoped his device would help other pets born with abnormalities.

3. Billy

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Billy is a French Bulldog who was born with paralyzed hind legs. A special ‘roll car’ was built just for him and he was able to run for the first time thanks to the device.

4. Tzvika

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This female turtle faced injury to her shell when she was run over by a lawnmower. The damage was severe and the turtle needed help with walking which was provided to her with the aid of newly attached wheels.

5. Cici

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This 7-year old cat was hit in a traffic accident and became paralyzed because of it. But thanks to her custom walker, she is able to walk and even competes in cat shows.

6. Motala

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This 48-year old elephant stepped on a landmine 10 years ago and was unable to walk after the accident. The Elephant Hospital in Lampang province, north of Bangkok attached a prosthetic leg to Motala, allowing her to walk again.

7. Oscar

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Oscar lost his hind legs to a combine harvester but doesn’t have to use a wheelchair. In a operation that was the world’s first, the 2-year old cat was fitted with prosthetic limbs and it can now walk again.

8. Pay de Limon

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Lemon Pay (English translation) was captured by a Mexican drug gang that cut off his front paws to practice cutting fingers off kidnapped people. But thanks to the two front prosthetic legs, he is able to run again.

9. Fuji

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The 37-year old female bottlenose dolphin lost most of her tail fluke to an unknown disease in 2002. After having lost 75 percent of her tail, the dolphin was in serious trouble, but she is able to jump and swim again thanks to an artificial tail fluke (believed to be the first of its kind).

10. Yu

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This 25-year old female loggerhead turtle washed up in a fishing net with shredded front flippers caused by a shark. Amazingly though, she is able to swim just as naturally as any other turtle, thanks to her prosthetic flippers.

11. Hope

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This Yorkshire terrier was missing a limb. Luckily, a uni-wheel attached to a doggie vest allows her to walk around just fine.

12. Naki’o

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This mixed breed dog was abandoned in a foreclosed house and suffered frostbite on all four of his limbs during a rough winter. He is no longer abandoned or unloved and has been fitted with four prosthetic devices to help him walk again.

13. Snow

handicapped_animals (2)

This former stray dog had to have her right hind leg amputated. But with the help of OrthoPets, she has a new artificial leg and is no longer a stray dog.

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