Watch As 1200 Japanese Workers Convert A Train Station Into A Subway Within 3.5 Hours

Japan efficiency

Japanese are famous for a lot of things, from fancy electronics to popular television shows. But probably no one can beat them in efficiency and mind-boggling speed when it comes to construction work and repairs. Their workers made headlines when we saw them fix a massive sinkhole on a busy road within 48 hours, but what we are discussing next surely tops everything else!

In the video below, 1200 Japanese workers are seen to race against time as they convert an above ground train station into a subway line. Amazingly enough, the project took the Japanese engineers only 3.5 hours as they started the project at 1:00 am and completed this incredible subway line before 5 am. According to an estimate, such a project would have taken at least a few months for completion while having the best of construction companies on board.

Japan’s Daikanyama St. station is Tokyo’s highly busy platform, so the speed of construction was imperative to avoid any disruption.

If these workers continue to work with the same determination and speed, then, they may be able to build gigantic marvels in a few hours!

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