12 Life Hacks That Will Save Your Day Every Time

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You have no restriction to use things for the purpose they are made. We have picked some usual objects than can be used in very unusual ways to save your day. Have a look!

1. Use pool noodles to cover trampoline springs

Tired of slipping over the trampoline springs? Cover them up with pool noodles and get yourself a less painful and more colorful trampoline.

Source: Pinterest

2. Make perfect breakfast egg

You can always fry or poach a perfect egg, but you can never make an egg perfectly round to fit your breakfast sandwich. Your microwave will make it quick for you. Put a few drops of water in a coffee mug and pour in an egg. Microwave for just a minute and tada! An egg that is perfect to fit in your sandwich.

Source: Pampered Chef

3. Never loose your little kitchen tools

A hundred times a month you would lose a can opener or a bottle opener in one drawer or another. Just get a magnetic tray on your refrigerator and stick your kitchen tools there.

Source: Reddit

4. No more brown apples

Grab a lemon and squeeze on your apple slices, they won’t turn brown.

Source: The Yummy Life

5. Buy cooling racks no more

Well, you can still buy cooling racks if you want, but stove grates make excellent cooling racks too.

Source: Reddit

6. Make two pizzas at once

You can eat an entire pizza in like 3 minutes, but even a frozen one takes at least 10 minutes to defrost. Waiting for the next pizza to get ready while you consume the first one is an arduous task in itself. Wait no more as you can make them both together by cutting the dough in halves.

Source: Elacraciun

7. Use your muffin pans as organizers

Every time you put together some piece of furniture a nail or two has to go astray and disappear. Use a muffin pan to organize nails and small parts.

Source: Today’s Homeowner

8. Fix keyboard with binder clips

The moving keyboard is not letting you type, right? Get a couple of binder clips and fix it.

Source: How to Geek

9. Test your TV remote with phone camera

Your Infrared remote is not working, but you don’t know if the issue is in the batteries or the receiver. You can check that with your phone camera, through which you can see infrared light.

Source: Pakistan Science Club

10. Watch TV on the lower bunk

Fix your tablet in a couple of hangers, and you have a nifty TV all to yourself on the bottom bunk.

Source: Pinterest

11. Secure trash bag with picture hooks

Fix the trash bag in place with the removable picture hooks.

Source: One Crazy House

12. Restore the chrome luster

Rub your chrome fixtures with wet aluminum foil, and you can get them to shine again.

Source: HellaWella

Have more genius ways of using everyday objects for unconventional purposes? Let us know in the comments.

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