12 Ideas That Are Not Implemented Till Now But Can Make You Very Rich While Changing the World

New Gadget Ideas

True – we all want to change the world and want to make it a better place for generations to come. But the biggest problem is what to do that will change the world as well as make us rich? Here are 12 unique ideas that are simply Nobel prize winners.

Let us know if you find any of these useful

crazy ideas that are too awesome


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  1. 1. People just need to be more patient

    2. Microwave already makes noise when operating so

    3. why don’t you use guide ? you don’t have to see the hole …. you just don’t have to …

    4. You think you’re the first person to come up with all these “genius” idea anyway. well you got the point.

    5. they already exist and you don’t need to press for long

    6. Do you diagnose your body condition listening to your own farting ?

    7. when you realise that you’re already done.

    8. use your $10 water-proof watch

    9. well they just don’t wanna do it

    10. yeah… solar power is sooo effective aye ??

    11. eeeeew

    12. don’t even mention

    1. 1. No period.
      2. Incomplete sentence.
      3. No capital letters at beginning of sentences. Space between “guide” and “?”.
      4. The first part is a question and requires a question mark. Didn’t capitalize first word of second sentence.
      5. No capital letter, no period.
      6. Space before question mark.
      7. No capital letter. Realise is spelled realiIZe.
      8. No capital letter, no period.
      9. Capital letter, “wanna” is not a word.
      10. Capital letter, “aye” is an old English word for “yes”.
      11. Not a word.
      12. Capital letter, period.
      – Educate yourself before your think enough of yourself to criticize anyone for anything.

      1. Was that honestly necessary like when people txt they use acronyms and shorten words and I’m pretty sure barely anyone uses punctuation- do I have bad grammar in this reply?! So the FUUK Wat! Your not our teacher so stop trying to put people down

      2. Language was made for communication and if you understood the point then why nitpicking the stuff that dont even matter.

  2. Liked all.. NOTA already in place.
    cancellation of lift in place but very few not all.
    Rest all r worthy for future generations..
    I am interested.. who all wanna join d cause to transform future world like transformers?

  3. The ‘NOTA’ option is already introduced in the Indian election system. Hasn’t won the majority yet, though. As for the shower, it should also have a ‘something’ to measure the amount of water used up. That would help save water to some extent, if people realize they are wasting too much water to just wash a few square feet of themselves.

  4. All of the above ideas are great..Have never heard about any one of them anywhere..great work.
    Although i’d like to share one of my idea which i got early in the morning when i woke up took my cell in hand and saw the low battery indicatn 😛
    If we could make one application that conserves the energy while charging it once and can use it whenever the battery is about to die to charge the cellphone…hows it???

    1. Wonderful idea! And that’s why the products called Battery Pack aka Battery Backup Charger aka … sells so well!!! Yup someone stole “your idea” a few years ago.

  5. “None of the Above” botton introduced in Indian Elections from this year
    Worlds largest democracy has just heard u

  6. Superb and nicely written.

    Would like to share two ideas of mine. 🙂

    13: – Air Conditioned Jacket. In hot temperature climate areas where those who travel most of the time and in two wheeler, they don’t have any options rather suffering the heat. So if there is a jacket designed to cool the inner part. It can use the Solar system.

    14:- A wiper to the Helmet. Normally those who drive two wheelers in rain no options to have good visibility. So a wiper operated with batter would be good.

    1. #14. Simpler solution is spraying water repellant on the Helmet viewing shield. This allows the water to not stick to the surface and roll off like Mercury. Yup it’s already in the market and used widely for spraying on Car windshields @USA.

  7. India, Greece, Spain, Nevada state in US does have none of the above option in election.

    Since of the other ideas are really cool.

    1. The Toyota Prius has this as an optional feature. It essentially consists of a small solar panel on the roof of the vehicle that powers the a/c.

  8. I like some of the ideas like selecting an option of quite or chat in flight, mute microwave, none of the above option in elections and cancelling the button in lift, if Pressed wrong. All the ideas are creative but some of them I selected looks helpful and changing. That’s my opinion.

    1. The last option ” None of the above ” in elections is already in use for Indian elections 🙂 That makes India a democratic country in true sense 🙂

      1. but in a real sense, india is no way a democrative country,just a fake label of democracy’ there is caste system, religious riots, bribe etc. the common man is suffering, the old elected leaders think all abt saving money for themselves rather than doing any good for state or the country. even if people click on the last option ‘None of the above” it ‘ll never ever work until india unites on basis of humanity, rather than religion, caste, creed, etc.
        all highly educated or jobless people are moving to developed nations( the real democracies like canada usa, nz tec where they can work hard and have a good life,
        in india, services are different for rich and poor, or a leader and a common man.
        no offence pls.. dont judge me on basis of any religion, it is my person views as noticed nd felt .
        and above all these views are the facts,

      2. India has one of the world most corrupt democracies along with a financial market that is as bent as it possibly can be.

        India, like most democracies has the illusion of choice presented to its citizens.