12 Nonsense Science Facts That Are Actually Considered True By People

People believe in so many different concepts which have no scientific proof to be true. But the misinformation and misunderstanding is so rampant that it will take a very long time before they realize that they have been so wrong about it all this time. For example, there are people who believe that the planets do not revolve around the sun. Even after Galileo Galilei proved this, there were people who still denied this fact.

Just like that, there are some more examples of these concepts which are scientifically proven to be false but people still believe in them.

Hair Growth Stops If Shaved Or Cut:

Sometimes it seems like that the hair will grow thicker because you have cut a strand which had a blunt edge. Just like that, the strand which has a thin end feels soft. However, the truth is that both these type of hair have the same thickness no matter if you shave them or cut them.

Hair And Nail Growth After Death:

When a person dies, their body cells don’t function anymore. Because of this, the hair and nails growth also stops. The skin of dead people shrinks, as a result, their hair and nails seem to be longer than before.

Hair Turn Grey Because Of Dye:

Hair gets their colour from melanin pigment which decreases with factors like age, unhealthy lifestyle and stress. These factors affect the hair colour and turn them grey. Unlike the belief that people have since ages, hair dye doesn’t affect the actual colour and doesn’t turn them grey.

Mother Bird Disowns Its Offspring If A Human Touches It:

Birds have very small olfactory sensors and cannot smell accurately. The mother bird wouldn’t even realize that you have touched her chick. She cannot smell your scent on their child.

Daddy Longlegs Is A Poisonous Spider:

People consider these spiders deadly, however, their fangs are so short that they cannot pierce the human skin. There are basically two types of daddy longlegs spiders. One of them is not poisonous at all and the other one has never bitten any human ever.

Touching Frogs Develop Warts:

Frogs have skin which looks like they have warts on their skin. But that has nothing to do with warts that humans develop on their skin. These warts are caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. Frogs are not to be blamed for this.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike The Same Place Twice:

The Empire State Building in the US gets struck by lightning around 20 to 25 times each year. The building was once striking 8 times within 24 minutes.

Going To Bed With Wet Hair Prevents Cold:

One should never sleep with wet hair since it causes mould in your pillow. Cold is usually caused by a virus and has nothing to do with sleeping with wet or cold hair.

The Great Wall Of China Is Visible From Space:

When viewed with the lowest possible orbit, the wall was still invisible since it has a dark colour and an irregular shape. The pictures which show a vague image of the wall were taken using a zoom lens.

Redheads And Blondes Are Going Extinct:

It is not possible that the genes can go extinct. These hair colours develop due to recessive genes which are carried generation after generation. Even if the carrier is not a redhead or blonde, they still carry a recessive gene.

CPR Can Restart A Heart That Has Stopped:

CPR has saved many lives indeed. However, the primary purpose of CPR is to prevent the brain damage by pumping lungs to get enough oxygen to the brain.

Swallowed Gum Will Stay In Stomach For Seven Years:

Seven years is quite a long time, the gum you have swallowed won’t even stay in your stomach for seven days. Your body will pass the gum out of your digestive system just like every other thing which cannot be digested.

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