12 Awesome Life Hacks Everyone Should Know


Having a set of cool “tricks” is quite handy, especially if you are proactive and don’t like relying on others for every small thing. Today we have collected a list of 12 cool hacks that you can use around your house and your life.

1. Fixing A Broken Latch:

Door latches can be a pain because due to continuous usage, they often need to be replaced or repaired. So when this happens, it is necessary to locate the place of the anomaly. Use a tape and a lipstick and then try to close the door. You’ll see the problem very clearly.

Pic Credits: diply


2. Compressed Air = Chilled Drink

You might have noticed that a compressed air can expels pretty cold air. So why not use that to cool your drink in a hurry. Put the bottle within water-filled sponges and you will cool your drink in no time.

Pic Credits: diply

3. Goodbye Denters:

No need to visit the body shop for small pressure dents. Use a combination of cold air from a compressed air can and hot air from a hair dryer to suddenly expand and contract the dent, thus popping the dent out in no time.

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4. Improvised Lock:

Along with your door locks (which can be picked in no time), using an improvised lock by entangling forks with each other like in the picture shown can beef up your security.

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5. Secret Hiding Spot:

Living in tough economic times mean always being wary of a possibility of being mugged. A really nifty place to hide your dough would be in the wrapper of your menstrual pad.

Pic Credits: diply

6. Drill Responsibly:

Tired of all the mess a drilling operation causes. Use a plastic glass and drill through that – problem solved!

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7. Use Vaseline To Remove Gum:

Working with glue can be quite a hassle, especially if you are not careful and get it all over your body. Before rushing to the nearest ER, you should first try to use any petroleum gel to remove the glue. But in case you have got it in your eyes, it is probably a good idea to go to the doctor.

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8. Straws and Plastic Bags make a good combination:

In case you have some plastic bags and you want to make them air tight, you can use a couple of straws as shown in the picture and you have got yourself pretty cool air tight bags.

Pic Credits: diply

9. Plastic Covers From Hell:

These ultra tight and ultra sharp packing is one of the biggest ordeal when opening a package. So rather than wrestling with it and possibly losing a finger, use a tin opener. It’s easier, safer and less messy.

Pic Credits: diply

10. Winter Woes:

Want to keep your hands frisky while using your smartphone in the winters? Just use a battery, and its charge will act as a stylus for all your swiping needs.

Pic Credits: diply

11. Cheap Amplifier:

Okay it is not equivalent to some ultra powerful woofers, but still you can amplify the sound of your smartphone’s speaker by putting it inside an empty glass.

Pic Credits: diply

12. Nail Catcher:

Glue a magnet at the end of your hammer or a screw driver. This will come in handy when working while trying to save time.

Pic Credits: diply

Have any other cool lifehack? Comment below!


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