11-Year-Old Boy Pedals 130km To Grandma’s House After An Argument With Mother

A Chinese news media recently shared s story about an 11-year-old boy who, after an argument with his mother, traveled 130 kilometers on his bicycle, trying to reach his grandmother’s house in under 24 hours.

The boy from Hangzhou, China’s Zhejiang Province, biked all the way to his mother. During the argument, the boy had already said so to his mother but she never believed him because of the absurd distance of 140 kilometers. Her grandmother lived in Mejiang which is why the boy’s determination to travel was severely underestimated by her mother.

But the boy spent 22 hours cycling throughout the day and night on roads and motorways to get to his grandmother. The boy covered 130 kilometers after which he collapsed; his legs unable to carry him forward.

Police were called on the evening of April 2nd when some passers-by noticed the boy in an expressway tunnel. The police were shocked to hear the boy’s story and his travels from Hangzhou to Mejiang District.

The police even had to carry the boy to their car since he was too exhausted from all the pedaling. Reporters noted that the boy had found his way around using only road signs which did cause him to take some wrong routes.

But in the end, he was found only an hour away from his grandmother’s house surviving only on bread and water he picked up from his house before leaving despite taking around twice the time he should have taken had he not lost his way.

After the boy was taken to the police station, both his grandmother and the boy’s parents came to pick him up. The mother who was very relieved still claimed that she never thought the boy would act upon his words and believed that it was nothing more than a childish tantrum.

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