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11 Kitchen Gadgets Every Music Lover Should Have

Everyone loves a bit of rock and roll. It is the most revered genre of music out there and the iconic instrument is guitar! So we have compiled a list of kitchen accessories which come in guitar shaped design and are readily available to bring rock ‘n’ roll to your kitchen and transform it into a fun packed place! So, go on, have a read and let us know which one will you be buying for your kitchen.

11. Guitar Ice Cube Tray

Way to chill your drinks! You can get one here

10. Guitar Cheese Grater

Shred some cheese! You can get one here

9. Guitar Cast-Iron Skillet

Well, it seems they haven’t left out anything. You can get one here

8. Guitar Hooks

Hooked by guitar! You can get one here

7. Guitar Knife Block

That is one slick looking knife block! You can get one here

6. Guitar Cutting Board

Chop while listening to some rock music! You can get one here

5. Guitar Shelf

Store your stuff in this stylish shelf!

4. Guitar Spatula 

Cook while looking like Joe Satriani. You can get one here

3. Guitar Sink

Whoa, this is a cool sink!

2. Guitar Fish Tank

Let your fish have some of the rock n roll too!

1. Guitar Bubble Gum Machine

Shut up and take our money!

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