11 Incredibly Satisfying Things That Are Almost Too Perfect To Be Real

Incredibly Satisfying objects22

Internet’s fascination with the so-called satisfying patterns and objects knows no bounds, and every day we seem to get the most astonishing visual from around the world. While time pass for some, it’s a major source of relaxation for many, so we bring you 11 satisfying objects that are surreal!

1) How is this magnificent arrangement of spice even possible to sustain?

2) Damn, that’s cutting it close! Watch out for a bump or a road elevation!

3) What amazing camouflage for the shoes!

4) Real life Snake Xenzia

5) Must have been hard to whip these eggs. Or better yet, what an awesome and giant sunny side up fried egg this would make!

6) When your boss tells you not to bring your Tetris game into the kitchen, so you start playing with chicken nuggets!

7) Just imagine the effort that went into this cherry pyramid.

8) Almost like the manufacturers knew where the buyer would tear the packet off!

9) Don’t care if these mushrooms are edible or not; I need them NOW!

10) Bet you didn’t realize the photo was on the floor. Nice optical illusion though!

11) This giant snowball is perfect enough to be put in an art gallery.

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