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11 Hacks That Will Make You Drink Like A Boss


We all could use these tips and tricks that will help you enjoy your drink to the last drop while also preventing that severe headache which follows the next day. Enjoy the list!

11. Glass of water per Alcoholic drink

Drinking a glass of water after each alcoholic drink will prevent that hangover the next day while also ensuring that you don’t end up drinking too much.

10. Make rubber-bands your best friend

Use rubber bands in a party to mark your glass in a party.

9. Chill bottles faster with ice and salt

Using salt lowers the freezing point of water and therefore, you can have chilled beverages in less than 5 minutes.

8. Air-dry your wine glasses

You can air dry your wine glasses using the rack from toaster.

7. Binder clip to keep your bottles from toppling in the fridge

Prevent them from toppling over by using this simple trick.

6. Opening Beer with a Stapler

The conventional stapler can be used as a bottle opener too!

5. Leftover wine

Leftover wine can be frozen and then used later for sauces or gravies.

4. Keeping your pitcher chilled

Place a frozen water cup in the pitcher to keep it chilled.

3. Use frozen grapes to chill your wine

This is how you chill your wine without altering the taste.

2. Use tube socks to protect your bottles in transit

Travel like a boss and stop them from clinking against each other.

1. Easily keep track of how much you are drinking

These markings on the Solo Cup are there for a reason, use them

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