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11 Astonishing Facts That Show India’s Massive Obsession With Engineering

It is right to say that Indians rarely have a tendency to select professions on their own as their parents always have the wisdom to select it for them. In a country of roughly 1.2 billion people, it becomes difficult to select a sturdy career so certain standards have been made regarding it that many Indian parents blindly follow. Engineering and Medicine are the only fields that are considered and each one supposedly gets a well-paid job for their children. Normally it is Engineering for boys and Medicine for girls.

So, what you are about to see in a series of Gifs is the result of this mass-level indoctrination of Indian students into the field of engineering. Since most of the population is under-20 and there are no regulations to curb this unnatural flow into one or two fields, the demographics of Indian engineering graduates and students is astonishing!

1. 1.4 million people appeared for the main engineering entrance examination!

It was one of the biggest single day exams ever conducted!

2. To give a perspective about the ridiculous number of applicants, it is more than the number of students who gave GMAT and GRE combined in one whole year in the whole wide world!

3. Every year, around 1.5 million Indian engineers hit the job market!

More than USA and China  combined! Whoa! Now thats something.

4.  Twice more than the population of entire Iceland!

Well, what can you say? European nations are too small.

5. Not just studies, engineering coaching and tuition industry is worth billions of dollars in the country

6. It spins more money than their local film industry Bollywood does in a whole year.

7. As a positive impact of this huge number of graduates, nearly 16% firms in silicon valley have had an Indian engineer as co-founder.

8. It is the highest among all immigrant countries. Even more than China, South Korea and Taiwan!

9. On the downside, various agencies have reported that 75 % of India’ s engineers are unemployable

There is nothing worse than bad education!

10. It seems Indian engineers have excelled more in other fields rather than engineering itself.

11. If engineering is somehow made into a religion, it will be the fifth most popular one after Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity!

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