1080p HD Japan Wallpapers For Free Download: The Historical and Intellectual Capital

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The country of Japan is an exciting, beautiful land, full of new places to explore, and culture to enjoy. It has changed so dramatically in the last century, and its mix of ancient traditions and modern technology is what draws millions of visitors to its shores every year. If you have ever downloaded any Japan wallpapers, and have seen its natural beauty, or its technological marvels, you can see how interesting a place it is to visit.

If you are interested in martial arts, this is a very exciting country to visit. Also, if you are interested in technology, some of the towns may fascinate you, in particular Tokyo.

Japanese culture has come to form a significant part of global culture as a whole, in particular with the younger generation. A large amount of western teenagers are familiar with Japanese comics, known as manga, and Japanese animation, known as anime. For those who wish to see a historical perspective there are many interesting sites to visit too.

A few cultural pointers to remember when visiting Japan are never litter, be prepared to take your shoes off, and talk quietly, even while outside. There are not always many litter bins to be seen but there will be some somewhere for you to use and until then it is best to just hold on to your litter. Japanese toilets are a source of curiosity to westerners, and if you wish to avoid embarrassment, it is good to have somebody show you how they work beforehand. One thing you do not have to do in Japan is tip. In fact, in Japan, sometimes it is almost considered rude to tip.

The cultural and technological aside, it also has some amazing natural wonders to visit too, for example, the majestic Mount Fuji is a sight to behold. So if you have maybe seen this sight on any Japan wallpapers you have downloaded it is a great sight to see in person.

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