$100 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized By Authorities Hidden In A Vintage Bentley Shipped To Australia

In a damning exclusive report, Australian police have caught an old Bentley in a successful attempt to suspect it of being used for drug trafficking. This 1960 S2 Bentley was shipped via cargo from Canada to New South Wales when police detained the shipping container carrying the Bentley. Upon further investigation, it has been revealed that the vehicle contained drugs worth $100 million, which had been stored inside. As per the NSW Police, the container had been intercepted by “acting on intelligence,” and it “underwent an X-ray and examination, which identified anomalies.”

However, incidents of this kind happening in Australia are very rare due to its geographical location. Australia is located in the middle of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and is itself a large island, which makes it extremely demanding for drug traffickers to smuggle drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. The NSW Police added, “Further examinations of the Bentley revealed a large quantity of methylamphetamine concealed behind the headlights of the vehicle.” Seeing this, the police carried on with their investigation and unexpectedly found 355 pounds of methamphetamine and 132 pounds of cocaine shrouded in the car.

You can see in the pictures embedded above that police dismantled the front headlights and the front wheel of the car. The whole scenario gives the impression that the traffickers probably concealed the drugs in these parts, which the police found afterward. The Australian Police authorities didn’t stop here. Instead, they assembled all the parts of Bentley and gave it the previous shape in which it was before, and manipulated the situation. They wanted to reach the real owners of this gang and hence did the exact same.

The car was used as bait and had taken to the alleged traffickers. From there, the police arrested the drug traffickers and also took charge of the Bentley and Ford Focus. The police arrested two men, ages 22 and 23, who were then taken to jail without any bail requests. Furthermore, they are being charged with committing criminal drug offenses.  However, there is no information available regarding the 1960 Bentley S2, but we hope that it will be used for good purposes this time.

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