10 Young Emerging Universities Of The World


Education is what makes us different from our predecessors and that is exactly why it is a critical decision when it comes to selecting the institution where you want to study. The institution can and does play a vital role in determining just how far you will groom intellectually. Keeping all this in mind, we have decided to bring to you a list of top 10 engineering universities which, when compared to old universities are relatively newly established. To be exact; we are talking about universities which have been established in the last 50 years and are excelling in global rankings.

Go ahead, browse through the list and see what these young universities have to offer to their students.

10. University of Antwerp

10. University of AntwerpFirst off, we have the University of Antwerp which was established at Belgium back in 1971. It is ranked 185 in the QS World University Rankings 2013/2014. The university has a score of 34.5 when it comes to teaching.  The university has 620 tenured professors while 2,478 tenured researchers. It has a score of 100 when it comes to industry income (entrepreneurship) and a score of 33.2 when it comes to research.

9. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Next stop is at Spain where we have Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona that was established in 1968 and enjoys the rank number of 177. The university has a score of 30.6 when it comes to teaching with a total of 3,514 research and teaching staff at its disposal. The university has a score of 28 when it comes to research (a total of 57.07 million Euros were spent during 2012-2013). The industry income of university has a score of 39.1 with 53 spin off companies that were established during 2012-2013.

8. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Next stop we have the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which was established in 1994. The university enjoys a position of 161 as per QS World University Rankings. The university has a score of 28.4 when it comes to teaching with 1,250 academic staff. It has an industry income score of 40.3 and a research score of 35.7 with 2,769 projects which are underway since 2011-2012.

7. Maastricht University

Maastricht University

Next stop is at Netherlands where we have Maastricht University that enjoys a position of 122. The university was established back in 1967. The university enjoys a score of 33.1 when it comes to teaching with total of 1,815 academic staff. The university has a score of 47.1 in research and a score 98.2 in industrial income.

6. Pohang University of Science and Technology: POSTECH

6. Pohang University of Science and TechnologyNext stop is South Korea where we have the Pohang University of Science and Technology. The university was established back in 1986 and enjoys a ranking number of 106. The university has a teaching score of 54.2 with 411 faculty members while, 788 researchers prove why the research score is 49.0. The industry income score stands at 100.

5. City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong

Next stop is Hong Kong where we have the City University of Hong Kong. The university was established in 1984 and currently enjoys the position of 104 as per QS World University Rankings. It has a score of 30.9 when it comes to teaching with a total of 806 academic staff. The research score is 33.5 with ample research centers in the unversity. The university has an industry income score of 55.7.

4. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

4. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)Next stop is again at South Korea where we have the famous Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The university was established in 1971 and ranks in at 60th position as per QS World University Rankings. It has a teaching score of 65.6. The university has a research score of 60 with only contracted research projects in 2012 measuring in at 1,809. The industry income score is at 100.

3. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Nanyang Technological University

The next stop is in Singapore where we have Nanyan Technological University (NTU), which was established in 1991. Its QS World University Rankings position is 41st. The university has a teaching score of 37.7, an industry income score of 100 while research score is 54.3.

2. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

2. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)The second last on our list is Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This university is ranked at 34th position as per QS World University Rankings. The university has a total of 174 faculties for engineering and has a score of 52.4 in teaching and a score of 59.7 when it comes to research. The university has an industry income score of 58.5.

1. National University of Sciences of Technology, Pakistan


The first on our list is the National University of Sciences and Technology located in Pakistan. The university was established in 1991. Why this university is ranked at number one in our list? To put it simply although the university was established in 1991, the main campus upon which its ranking is based was established in 2008.The campus was built on a whole sector in the capital city of Pakistan; Islamabad. NUST’s ranking, as per QS World University Rankings, is among the top 500 universities of the world.  NUST has managed to reach top 500 in shortest time when compared to other universities of its size. The university allows entrepreneurial opportunities for its students who are allowed to bring their ideas to the forum and are then provided with a portal to industry. The university is rapidly building links with more and more industries in Pakistan and abroad to facilitate its students.  The university is the leading university when it comes to research and faculty in Pakistan and has made a name for itself in quite a short span of time. The university has also been awarded the “International Quality Award” at 2014 Asia Pacific Quality Network Conference and Annual General Meeting held in Vietnam.

Do you have any university to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below!



  1. M.SohAib Reply

    Comsats Information Technology University as it is No 1 in Pakistan in the filed of Information Technology

  2. Warda Reply

    Oh please guys Get A Life!!! I wasn’t gonna waste my time on this but what the hell this is so stupid what do you care which is ranked no.1 just be happy it’s from Pakistan. Besides you Dumbos all of you out there comparing the best uni’s this ranking was about the fastest emerging not the best and you say your uni’s the best atleast read the article carefully first.

  3. wifiquang cao Reply

    It’s in reality a nice and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. amir azeez Reply

    instead of being proud of the fact we started fighting, pathetic

  5. Asim Reply

    WTH!! wht a poor dummy krummy nation we are. Instead of being proud of NUST that at least one institute from Pakistan is recognized at international level. Every body is feeling for his institute not listed over here. Oh God! We the Pakistanis can never develop and come out as a nation. Shame

  6. ghalib Reply

    Liyari university for bori formation is the best engineering university of Pakistan. GIKI wiki sab dahi bechtay hain humaray samnay

  7. waqar Reply

    Pakistan institute of engineering and applied sciences (PIEAS) is no.1 Engineering University of Pakistan(HEC ranking).

  8. Salman Ahmad Reply

    University Of Central Punjab
    This is much better university than any other in Pakistan because of its high standard facilties given to students online portal system library Hight Tec Labs and really porper Enviroment for students winning every compitition in Pakistan .

  9. Faizan Reply

    PIEAS is far better than NUST when it comes to teaching and research and also 100% BS Students of first batch got the job…….

  10. Inayat Reply

    COMSATS Uni of Science and Technology is no 01 in Pakistan in the area of Computer Science and Information technology as per HEC ranking…..:) 🙂

  11. nadeem Reply

    Reading the comments of people from universities other than nust it seems that they are not pakistanis it looks thet are pak enemies. what a people we are we cannot accept success of others pakistanis.We can enjoy and accept success of other nations but if any pak person or institution do something good we start pulling his legs.

  12. Salman Basit Reply

    Can we please not let the world know that we pakistanis are only interested in pulling eachother’s leg? can we please be happy for the fact that atleast one of our universities got into the ranking? BTW i am NUSTIAN too 😛 so TAKE THAT 😉

  13. HMM Reply

    I’ve studied at PNEC NUST and know that it is shit, absolutely shit. I didn’t even bother studying and passed my MSC with a 3.87 CGPA. I don’t know about the main campus tough but I am pretty sure that is shit as well.

  14. Razi Ghazali Reply

    Mechanical engineers have a great opportunity at jobs paying Rs. 6,000 pm. Get real. This ranking is not locally produced. There’s a lot more happening in the world. Take pride in a university that is now internationally recognised. Learn to be proud Pakistanis.

  15. ali Reply

    Information Technology University at Arfa software technology park is the best university
    with a worldclass faculty, Entrepreneural opportunities and activities, real life projects!

  16. Muhammad Umar Reply

    Dont go into ranking. Ranking is based on things like number of Phd doctors, Library size etc. Just see the how many graduates of a university are getting jobs and how many are becoming entrepreneur. So if you consider both these things then LUMS is best, Because huge number of their students are becoming entrepreneurs . And then comes FAST-NUCES, though its producing less number of entrepreneurs as compared to LUMS but much better than other universities Like UET,NUST or GIKI. PLus huge number of graduates of FAST-NUCES are getting jobs in good companies.I know many friend who are graduates of GIKI or NUST are job less.
    FAST and LUMS are very much good study vise because of strict criteria of semester system as compared to others(While its easy to gradute in NUST,GIKI or UET). Only 50% of FASTIANs graduates on time, rest of them have to spend 1 or half more year. And laggers of FAST are also getting good jobs.
    So, i think ranking should be based on study rather number of Phds or something else.

    • Asad Zaidi Reply

      @Muhammad Umar: Bro its very easy to say that its easy to get degree from other unis but as a student of giki and FAST lemme tell you that giki is much tougher then FAST, so dont go criticizing good educational institutions of Pakistan other than FAST

      • Hamza Ejaz Malik Reply

        well FAST-NUCES is progressing and in the next 7 years GIKI would be diminished and so will be NUST .

      • amir azeez Reply

        with the number of Fastian graduates working in Microsoft, google, oracle, youtube, facebook, and the penetrating the IT sector in pakistan so heavily, FAST definitely deserves to be the best in IT sector

  17. Hasnain Reply

    And than they say this ranking is from 2008 :)…… Proud pioneer of NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad.

  18. S.A.Shah Reply

    I will InshaAllah start my university next year. Can any one tell me wether GIK or NUST is best for the following programmes :
    3)computer (software)

  19. Bilal Reply

    NUST is definitely a well established and prospering university. They invest and then they gain profit.
    Happy to see a Pakistani university topping the list. I study at COMSATS btw and its THE BEST in IT.

  20. Ali Shehzad Reply

    cmo’n people .. I did my BS from GIKI and doing MS from NUST .. ofc there’s a difference in BS and MS studies but i don’t think that either GIKI or NUST are eligible to be in top 10 list of young emerging universities of WORLD .. and you are fighting over number one.

    • Anonymous Reply

      At least someone realizes. Nust does not deserve to be at the top place when talking about young emerging universities in the world…NTU,Hong Kong university or KAIST should be on top.
      Go see QS rankings

  21. Yumna Reply

    its not about GIKI, NUST or someother University of Pakistan.. its about geeting our Pakistani university ranked top in the world.. one should read and feel good that there is atleast a Pakistan’s University being disscused for its excellence and emergence at international level.. rather thn that ppl are more busy pulling eachother’s legs… growup Bachas!
    Love pakistan! :*

  22. Haseeb Reply

    After reading all the comments, It has to be clear that the ranking listed above is general, not specific. Secondly, I am bit surprised how people can compare Nust, GIK or UET with the IITs in India. The IITs are far ahead without any doubt!

  23. Khan Reply

    Dear All,

    Its very interesting to know every one is just positing comments about NUST without observations or getting into NUST, first of all as a NUSTian, i would like to tell you if we say NUST it would be wrong, NUST has many schools, and there are many institutes with in schools, for example there is a school called SCEE, there are further 4 institute, each being independent and separate, here at NUST every school is competing other as if they are separate university, i am from SCEE, but i would say NBS or SEECS is better, one who has visited SEECS would really say that yes NUST is No 1, and if he visit any faculty newly developed such as CES or any other, he might say no, but the fact is NUST has achieved many goals is such a short span, its since 2008, can any one witness such faculty, such a big and planned infrastructure?? even i have seen foreign students stunned at first when they enter, GIKI is best Uni, i accept, but i bet you, its not even half of the newly built SMME building at NUST, the hostels, the sports activities, other facilities, the extra curricular activities, and the no of international conferences and industry linkages, makes it best, in short i would say NO ONE CAN JUDGE IT, without having admission here, coz its a complete different picture,

  24. S.Abid Salam Reply

    The best University is the one which produces such quality graduates whose research converts into invention,creation,innovation,used for the development of the country and outside world.

  25. zahid Reply

    I study at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea and I am very glad to see at least one Pakistani University in the emerging list. Keep it up NUST and I wish to see more Pakistani Universities in this list next time iA.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!

  26. Saad Reply

    Let the Nustians be happy on falling as number one emerging universities. GIKI has already been out of this category long ago. Proving the fact by producing best Engineers from Pakistan, Giki has left Nust far behind in this race. The one of you who has written about studying 151 credits from PNEC, baby I’ve been to Nust, I’ve seen your exams and i take responsibility of my words saying that they don’t even fall up to 40% of difficulty level of what Gikians face. Getting a B grade on average and 4 warnings before termination is far more easier when u compare with C grade on average and just 2 warnings in GIKI. My Nustian friends have been to GIKI as well and they acknowledge the fact that level of academics in Giki is far better than in NUST. Even then GIKI has the strongest Alumni when compared to any university in Pakistan plus have been beating NUST and every one else in any sort of competition since years. So before you say any thing about GIKI, get your facts authenticated bring out some solid points.

    person who was taking about UET LAHORE, LMAO, NUST do have a strong case, but you guys just are not yet suitable to voice in such leading categories, Again i do know lots of UETIANS and they themselves are not satisfied with what UET provides, no representation in All Pak events, no International representation, no internal events, u guys are not engineers rather bookworms only with no life at all.

    The only drawback GIKI has is its fee and locality, GIKI and NUST are surely the best ones, each having its own advantages.

    Before you challenge my words, i on my own will choose GIKI MECH, after getting merit in SMME, UET LHR MECH, UET TAXILA MECH, FAST LHR.

    • hashim Satti Reply

      GIKI plz boy …. udhar Kay to prof nay mujhay kaha tha k NUST jao …. seriously ….

  27. Muhammad Hassan Reply

    They’re talking about the FASTEST emerging university in the world. Not the BEST. If they were talking about the best would’nt you be seeing Harvard MIT Oxford in this list??? Please… get a life !

  28. Mubashir Yasin Reply

    I think COMSATS should be in this list.This is fastest growing institution in Pakistan.In just 15 years they have 7 different campuses and each campus is working properly.Today their Students are competing with students of GIKI,NUST,PIEAS,LUMS,NUCES and Lancester University,UK.Moreover they are also ranked no.1 in I.T by HEC Pakistan.

  29. Hira Reply

    Lahore University of Management Sciences has one of the best resources and facilities available in Pakistan. It certainly is an incredible emerging university in Pakistan.

    • abcd Reply

      I am sorry but the LUMS does not get the complete criteria of university of todays world, you could call it a mini university, ofcourse its good but it does not offer a variety of courses and does not have a capacity to educate a noble number of students, so LUMS ruled out(no harsh feelings).

  30. YASIR MEMON Reply


  31. Jamal Hassan Reply

    From the comments it seems like all the top universities exist in Pakistan only.

  32. Amin Reply

    They have mentioned the top young emerging universities from around the world, they would have studied every registered university in Pakistan as well. So stop randomly mentioning your universities and lets be grateful that one of ours is at number 1.

  33. Mansoor shah Reply

    Mechanical engineers of UET taxila are by far most knowledgeable as I came across them

      • Sami Reply

        Really !! which sector are you talking about …. I think it is the opposite.

  34. Hassan Reply

    The top ranked Engineering university of Pakistan (as per HEC Pakistan rankings of 2006,2012,2013) “Pakistan Institute Of Engineering And Applied Sciences (PIEAS)” should be in list .

    • hamza Reply

      PIEAS is not an emerging university dude.. its already upto its maximum level.. where as NUST has made to top 500 universities and its progress is getting high every year!

  35. Shafiq ur Rehman (PAPA) Reply

    Department of Economics , University of Karachi (UK) is one of the best university on Pakistan.There you will find future economist which are being proved helpful for whole world economy.Major economies relies upon product of department of Economics Karachi University.USMAN PEERZADA a well known economist which has written a book on Trade & finance has graduated from this department and is serving as Associate professor in London school of Economics.

    join our page at facebook dot com/economics.ku

  36. fawad Reply

    Institute of Space technology Islamabad should be in this list because this is the only one university that is related to Space technology. And it is within one of the top 5 universities of Higher Education Comission in Pakistan

    • hamza Reply

      lol… grow up plzz… i know, everyone loves his institute, but one should be realistic. IST is a great and no doubt emerging universities, but this ranking is top 10 most emerging universities of “World”, not “Pakistan” :p

  37. Mushtaq Hussain Reply

    Thanks Allah Karim. I am feeling proud……………. Alhumdulillah

  38. abbas Reply

    nice! but what about PIEAS Islamabad which is at # 1 in HEC ranking from previous 6 to 8 yrs

    • Waleed Reply

      /Brother PIEAS no doubt is HEC ranked no.1 PAK uiv but it only provides 2 disciplines.in comparison Nust provides way many disciplines.

  39. Eliezer Reply

    NEDUET is the best government university of pakistan because it is the oldest one and best known for its mechanical, electrical and civil department no other university is better than NEDUET karachi it is also very least expensive and can be afforded by the common people while in GIKI, NUST merit is not consider and best fields are give to only rich people,

  40. Crispylogs Reply

    How about adding Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro (MUET)??

    • Ace Reply

      No body even select the Mehran Graduate for job internationally …. lol Please
      In our multinational company … Mehran Graduates are banned to be hired

  41. ghuffran Reply


  42. Malik Muhammad. Rafiq Awan Reply

    I. Have been to NUST a couple of times and found it really exemplary in all respects. Environments are very clean and fresh and I am sure things will further improve in due course of time. I wish we could have such institutions at District level throughout. Pakistan. We need research and Development in all institutions. Engineering institutions should have close link with industry to understand and suggest solutions of various problems coming up from time to time.

  43. Fahad Khan Reply

    Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology, (SSUET), Karachi Pakistan.

  44. Shah haider Reply

    Eastern Mediterranean university , its missing from many rankings due to cyprus conflict . But go through its accreditations

  45. Shah Rukh Khan Reply

    Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Science & Technology, Pakistan is far better than NUST especially when it comes to Mechanical Engineering. Kindly do research about this.

    • Ashir Manzoor Reply

      The list is not about the best young emerging “Mechanical Engineering” Universities of the world. It talks of overall emergence of the universities. Atleast read the heading.

    • Ahsan Reply

      For Mechanical Engineering, there is no university better than University Of Engineering and Technology Lahore

    • Truth Reply

      Hey Kiddo! Please come out of your nostalgia about GIKI. No one gives a crap about a single discipline like Mechanical Engineer. 😛

    • Ali Khan Reply

      Why are these gikians always fired up when ever Nust’s greatness is discussed ? Jealous huh ? paying approximately 400,000 per year yet always 2 steps lagging behind NUST. Giki is no doubt a great university with a good reputation so please don’t spoil it by exposing your jealousy. Work hard and Insha Allah one day you’ll be standing next to us. Peace.

    • nouman munawar Reply

      i’m doing mechanical from GIK institute of Pakistan and all i know is that GIK institute is not far better than NUSt but its at somehow better than NUST

      • Arif Reply

        lalay still your are studying and how you can say GIK Mechanical is the best?? I am NUST graduate from Karachi and I studied 151 credit hrs to complete by degree. Do compare NUST mechanicall karachi facility with GIK, you will get the answer. 🙂

    • Syed Reply

      Let the fact be known to the readers, they are talking about universities not institutes :p

    • Hamza Reply

      Can we please not let the world know that we pakistanis are only interested in pulling eachother’s leg? can we please be happy for the fact that atleast one of our universities got into the ranking? please? 🙂

      • Yasir Reply

        This man deserve an award. This is the best comment.
        Be careful people, Pakistan Nation love all the university where there youth is getting quality education. When it comes to the research of NUST and uniqueness and teaching of GIK Institute, they both are kings of there fields. By far my personal decision is concerned, I love GIK Institute because it has to offer there students lot more then just education i.e discipline, managing skills and crises management. I have meet some GIKians and its always a pleasure to see how well groomed they are!
        On the other hand NUST is the proud of Pakistan, and I think no Pakistani can hate it.

    • Faiz Reply

      Ofcource, GIKI is most prestigious institute of Pakistan, It doesn’t need an approval of web pages. One can just learn by the contributions of the institute in the field of engineering. The Alumni of GIKI has already proved themselves in their corresponding fields, on higher positions.

    • Ace Reply

      Best Technology outputs by Universities:

      NUST: Electrical, Mechanical, Telecom
      FAST: Software, Computer System
      PIEAS: MS (Mechanical), Nuclear (I think it is not there now; Talking about Past)
      AIR: Mechatronics, Avionics, Aeronautics
      Bahria: Electronics,
      UET: Civil, Petroleum
      Punjab: Chemical, Metallurgical
      GIKI: Attitude is the Output 😉 I have met all gikians with attitude prob in my last 8 years of Professional career around the world.

      • zeeshan Ch. Reply

        hey man listen!!!!
        i am doing BS. Mechatronics. from WEC(wah engineering college) and i know that the mechatronics engineering of WEC is far beeter than AIR infact our institute is not very famous bcz its been 7 to 8 years and our batch will be the 6th batch (now i am in 4th semester)however this institute is under the Pakistan Ordinance Factory and they are doing their job very well i am proud of wec……………………

    • Ashhad Kamal Taseer Reply

      bhai department wise ranking nai hai ye … And I would dare to say that GIKI’s mechanical USED to be good some time ago but now here in NUST you would not find a better department than School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering to which I am currently affiliated … moreover .. I have spent 6 years in GIKI when my father was doing his Ph.D from there … I know the faculty and almost all the staff there personally .. There are only a handful of good teachers left there …. Many of my friends are in GIKI in various faculties … they got traumatized in their first semesters … I know it all …!!

    • Syed Aleem Shah Reply

      Mr Shahrukh are you out of your mind. Dont be jealous the research showa which one is best you pervert… Its a fact that NUST is best and after that comes PIEAS & UET!!!

    • MM Reply

      Your nation made it on a list of something great. Be proud. Period. Learn to accept praise. The outside world doesn’t care about individual parts. It just sees representation. Good job.

    • hamza Reply

      bhai I applied for electrical in engineering. can I change my course from electrical to mechanical engineering?

    • hamza Reply

      bhai I applied for electrical in GIKI
      . can I change my course from electrical to mechanical engineering?

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